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Skye: I started competing 2 years ago, my first comp being with ANB. During this time I was a group fitness instructor, and being a teacher also, I had wanted to climb the chain and become an educator for les mills. Until I found how bitchy and cut throat this industry is and that this wasnít going to happen, a friend suggested I compete. Having being diagnosed with IBS I had to eliminate so much from my diet, that following a strict eating plan was of no problem to me. So thatís how it all began.

Off-season vs. pre-contest diets: Both seasons revolve around a choice of protein, fats and carbs and vegetables. The quantities of this change throughout the seasons to work with my own body type, everyone's diet is different, however, we believe in clean bulking, and clean foods. The diet I was on for the first comp for ANB was a standard diet that wasnít suited to me personally, whilst I was able to loose body fat it did not effectively feed me enough. Now my diet works beautifully, for my body type, and is changed weekly where needed as to what results I have made that week. I did once do the soup diet, that was definitely interesting, by far a great shredding diet that I lost 5kg in a week, then began to eat normally and gained 8kg.

Skye Nestler

I follow my plan from my coaches, so this is all this is taken care for me. Again like my diet, this can change weekly depending on what needs to be worked more, or less. My food revolves around training however yes, ensuring I have the energy for training in the afternoons, and for recovery after the training.

Self-confidence: This is an individual process. I think for me this is something that has come with age and the life experience I have had. I do, however get nervous on stage. I am always ok before walking on but once on that stage, I am shaking like a leaf, yesterday stumbling in my finals round after hearing the crowd cheering me. It was overwhelming. But this is 5 minutes of months worth of work, so you have to suck it up, get out there and learn to enjoy your little moment to shine.

Well, yesterday was my most recent comp experience. I have just completed two back to back comps in two weeks. The feelings for these ones were quite intense after loosing my coach, my mentor and my inspiration Andy Page. I have always said that these ones were for her. And also with a personal life that is hectic right now, staying focused and not allowing stress to affect this prep was challenging. Nathan however, was amazing at keeping me on track, focused and ever so motivated. Giving up was just not an option. The excitement of these comps took a long time to hit, and came within the final week where daily you see changes in your body, being winter I am covered up at work, and I would get to the gym start training, get a little pump and be dumbfounded at what was before me. Finally I had a body that now looked like a figure athlete. Until now I have felt like I am not big enough to be standing in this category.

Once the tan is applied, it hits. I get so excited, nervousÖ.and then excited for that after show burger or pizza. When you arrive to check in everyone has their game face on smiling at each other, however the girls I know and have become friends with, are a scream. The backstage fun, laughs, pumping up and eating are what makes this day. I say that we are all winners, all amazing, as we represent 2% of the population who are capable, willing and dedicated enough to follow this sport. Maybe a little crazy, but there is no better feeling than being a shredded beast. Never have I felt uncomfortable or any kind of intimidation around the figure girls I associate with. At the end of the day we have all sacrificed a lifestyle to achieve the same goal, to me, there is no need for negativity, only celebrating each other and the past 10 weeks prepping.

Getting ready for stage, we are all called by number to line up. The first round the pre judging we are taken out for the compulsory poses, this can last anywhere from 2-20 minutes, depending on the line up and the call outs and comparisons. This is where it is the REAL competition and you need to be on point 100% of the time. I will do a mindful full body scan starting at my feet to my shoulders, turn this on suck this in paying attention to my posing and trying to remember to smile. The comp in Queensland 2 weeks ago I was in agony with cramps so smiling was hard, moving was hard, but I got through it, and ended up winning. The finals round is where we allow our personality and flair to come into it, and choosing posing and transitions that are adapted to our best features, and to music it's like a little time to let your hair down and perform.

Yesterday, yep I stumbled, but hey I am human, we all stuff up, and I get nervous just like anyone else. I pray for the day that I donít get nervous, however knowing the person I am I know this is unlikely. Then comes the presentations, and the placings. I have to say I have been lucky, and fortunate enough to have placed in all of my comps so far. This is a testament to the outstanding coaching and guidance I receive. Yesterday however, was the pinnacle of 10 months of hard yakka, and hardcore eating. A sense of pride came with this, however, I wasnít happy until I heard Nathan was happy. Making your coach proud is optimum for me, you represent them the moment you walk on the stage, therefore I feel I need to do them justice that their planning, training and diets are carried out to carry that name.

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Future plans - Being a creative thinker my future plans change daily. Being a foodie also I often try to promote wellness through fitness and food. I would love to further my education in nutrition and be able to one day help people realize their potential. I would love to get modelling work, to be the face of a product or a brand. Finding sponsorship at the moment is tough, however now winning the past three titles for my division I am hoping that I have proven myself to be a committed athlete within the IFBB and I am able to work within the industry on a number of levels from this.

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