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I have always been active. I played sports through high school. After I graduated, I became highly active in aerobics classes at my local community center. After a year or so of classes, I took up running. I fell in love with running long distance! After completing 25 full marathons. I got bored. I was on the search for my next venture! After going through a divorce, I met the love of my life! He enjoyed lifting and being in the gym. He asked me if I wanted to start lifting with him. I was so out of my comfort zone! I had only participated in aerobics classes! I instantly fell in love with lifting! Even more so than distance running. My husband had suggestion I compete and here I am!! :) I guess I can be known as "Distance Runner turned Figure Competitor."

Silvia Ramsey

Contest Prep

I am lucky enough to have an awesome coach who guides me on my diet! My diet changes in phases. Depending on how I am looking in prep, my coach switches up my fats, carbs, and proteins. I have only had 1 "off-season" so far since I am just in my 2nd year competing, so I can say that I enjoy the off season ;) haha! In moderation of course! In the South, we love to eat!! I love seeing my body change when fueled clean and right!

I lift everyday. Depending on where I am at in prep, I may lift a little heavier with not as many reps and add some drop sets in OR I may do 5 sets of 20! Personally, I like to lift heavy! I always focus on having strict and correct form though, regardless of the weight that I am lifting :)

As far as cardio goes, being a past distance runner and aerobics class lover. I used to LOVE cardio. now!! It's a different story haha on low carb days, it's all I have to make it through a cardio session. I have done a lot of fasting cardio this year to try and get some fat off. Although it's tough to get up before the sun comes up and sweat. It's super nice to know that you have your cardio in for the day :) In the end you just make it through! I have chanted many of times. "Just get through it!" You have to keep your eye on the prize! You have to be proud of how far you have came, not fret over how far you have to still go. (Depending on your future goals). My diet is very simple and boring haha!! Nothing complicated :) One thing my coach has made known. Don't miss a meal!! He tells me something, I take it to the bank! I trust him 100%.

On Stage

Building self confidence to compete: Well! To be honest I am still working on that!! It is very, very mental! I have wonderful and encouraging friends and family! My husband is awesome and makes me feel sexy! I am a major dork and to try and pull the "sexy" out of me can be hard sometimes! haha! I try and not compare myself to seasoned veterans in this sport because it can become overwhelming! But at the same time it's a dream and my ultimate goal to look as badass as the Pro's! In the end it's ME vs. Me all the way!! I am my biggest critic, for sure!

I actually just competed in my first show of 2017 on June 10 in Chattanooga, TN. (3rd show total) It's been the best yet!! (see photos). I won my Class in Open and was so pumped! I am now qualified to enter a national show. ah!!! :)))

Silvia Ramsey

When you are going through check-in and you get your number stuff gets so real! You have the biggest smile on your face! The camaraderie and sportsmanship is amazing! There are so many feelings that a competitor goes through! Excitement, fear, doubt, and more excitement! The air backstage is incredible! I absolutely love the atmosphere!! It's very empowering and uplifting :) I feel like I grow as a person with each prep and each stage appearance :)

While in prep being a bodybuilding athlete is your life for those 12-16 (depending on your coach) weeks. You have to make sacrifices. You have to stay in, when everyone else is going out. You have to cook and have all food prepped. You have to train when you are tired. You have to do the cardio that is necessary. You have to have a mind of steel. You set a goal and no matter what you make it. I love it. I love everything about it!! It's challenged me more than I have ever been challenged! Some days are much harder than others. but the feeling of stepping on stage, there's no words to explain being in that moment! Knowing you have pushed yourself to the limit and soon you will have the satisfaction of knowing your hard work has paid off!

Future Plans

When I find something I am passionate about I am 110% all in. Of course, my dream is to earn my pro-card. I want to inspire and encourage other people to compete! Being a past distance runner. I used to run to eat! NOW, I eat to fuel my body to hit my sky high goals! My coach and I are all in!!

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