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I have not yet competed yet. I am still a work in progress it takes time and effort determination and proper diets to get where one needs to be. I have only started training September of 2016. I made my lifestyle change in August of 2016. Most people give it a full year to transform prior to competing. I will give it a complete 6-8 months and see where I stand.

Nutrition: I donít consider it to be a diet. People who view this lifestyle as a diet will not do very well if they chose to compete and always remain fit and shredded. I wouldnít say that I really have an off season. Always eating clean makes it easier when it comes to getting ready for prep. I do have my cheat meals which are usually more than what a standard person would eat like 2 triple burgers and a fries etc. Off season usually just means you would slack a little on the diet eating more carbs and greater calorie intake. Individuals who are trying to bulk up would eat more. For me at this point I am trying to gain lean muscle mass. I eat a very low calorie diet with carb cycling. Carb cycling is when you have high and low carb intake days. I have a coach who guides me.

I eat 5 meals a day. Breakfast usually consists of 1 or 2 whole Eggs avocado a little extra egg whites sometimes oatmeal. Switch it up a bit. Meal 2 is some form of heavier carb but one that is easy to digest. Either Jazmin Rice or 1 small to med. sweet potato with Chicken breast, Fish or Ground Turkey and a side of greens. Meal 3 is usually just a protein like Fish Chicken or Meat with veggies. Meal 4 is sometimes ľ cup egg whites with Veggies or 4 0z. of some form of white fish. Meal 5 is just something light. ľ cup egg whites again no vegetables.

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Having a supporter or a partner weather itís a gym buddy, a best friend, or hubby who helps and motivates you. There is nothing better than having that number one fan club to push you and tell you look better every day. In addition to that motivation and confidence booster you have the body transformation. With that transformation along comes a load of confidence. I used to be a very shy girl with a low self-esteem. The typical not good enough syndrome. As I noticed the changes in my look my confidence increased. I got stronger more toned and looked better overall so you get comfortable with yourself.

My ultimate goal is to make PRO and continue to peruse my life of fitness. Maybe one day I will have the chance to help aid girls who have the same goals and dreams as I have.

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