Shirley Mitrou - Bikini Competitor

In November of 2014 I started going to a local fitness studio that offers small group training classes and in these classes I was exposed to free weights for the first time ever! I soon came to realise how great it was and started to see changes in my physique which I really liked as well. I continued to lift weights and in April 2015 I engaged the services of a coach to determine whether I could be successful at competing. I entered my first competition in that July and have been training and competing ever since. I love it!

Pre-contest I eat 6 meals per day and always have protein, carbs and fat throughout my prep. The macros vary slightly depending on how the physique is responding. For protein I eat mainly egg whites, chicken, turkey and fish, lots of green vegetables accompanied by yams, rice and oats. I take my fats usually in the form of nuts, nut butters and oils such as olive oil. In the off-season I add more variety like adding bread, bagels, red meat and fruit and increase the overall calories to ensure I have the ‘extra’ I need to make the gains I need to.

I lift 5-6 days a week and do light cardio twice a week in the off season. When preparing for a competition I usually do very little cardio as I tend to be quite lean already.

Self-confidence: Practice, practice, practice is the key here. Pre-contest prep I go to posing practice every week and I practice at home several times per week as well.

I love competing and being away at competitions. I did 4 competitions in 4 months from May 2016 to July 2016 and truly love the experience of being among other athletes who are all focusing on similar goals. Most of the people I have met have been fantastic with many new amazing friendships being formed. Back stage I try to bring a positive vibe and encourage everyone meet.

In 2017 I plan to compete at an Arnold Amateur competition and at the Non-tested Nationals in Canada. (I competed at the Tested Nationals in July 2016 and placed 3rd in my category).


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