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I started competing April 2013 as a Women's Physique Competitor at the John Kemper Classic Show in NJ. I've wanted to compete since my mid twenties 2004-2005 but was not disciplined enough to commit to a strict eating regimen. I moved into Female Bodybuilding in November 2015 and found where my physique belonged.

Transformation Tuesday! 2017 was The Best Transformation in, 6months, I've made to date. I can't wait to see the transformation of 2018 ???? #transformationtuesday #transformation #transform #competitionready #femalebodybuilder #bulk #bulking ? #shred #shredding

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My diet changes in the off season in terms of eating more calories per day with a cheat meal once or twice a week. During prep season my diet 99% of the time does not consist of any cheat meals and my calories are lower and keep dropping the closer I get to my competition. For me, personally, I find that carb cycling works best for me in order to lean out and on carb day lots of carbs in order to push and fill out my muscles. The one diet that completely does not work for me is Keto. My body does not respond well to fat intake. The Keto began to have a reverse effect on my body

The components of my training are fasted cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening. As I get closer to competition I begin to do cardio twice a day, fasted cardio on the morning and post training cardio in the evening. My cardio varies from steady state to HIIT cardio. I do a variety of cardio activity, outside track sprints for HIITs, spin class which I instruct and Stair master and/or Treadmill. My body plateaus so I have to mix it up to continuously trick my body up. My weight training is moderate to heavy weight training in the beginning moving to moderate weight training with more of a high rep, burn, slow muscle concentrated style of training as I get closer to competition.

I began to think of the hard work I put in daily for about 6 months for that one day on stage and that is what builds my confidence to go on stage and show off my hard work. As well as the compliments I receive on my "pretty" shape and "beautiful" physique, that as well motivates me to walk on stage with grace and confidence.

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I will never forget the last local competition I did most recent in November 2017 to qualify for the National competition a week later. I clearly have a look of a National competitor and all of the women back stage were staring at me in fear of having to stand against me along with complimenting how great I looked. That was such a great feeling for my confidence going on stage. Needless to say I won that show and moved on to the National Show a week later where I placed 6th place. Honestly, I get into such a zone where I do not pay anyone any mind during check ins, prejudging or finals. I only focus on myself as not to bring my stress levels up or get concerned about how good someone else looks. I put my music in and get my mental ready for that stage with a literal tunnel vision focus.

Being an athlete is 95% of my life. Besides work everything in my life revolves around me as an athlete. My training comes before anything other than work. At some point in my prep I only focus on work and my training all else gets the back seat until after the competition. I am not able to just get up and go without considering the fact that I need to have my meals prepped and with me, water and consideration of the fact that I have to be up early to do fasted cardio. In a nutshell it becomes my whole life!!

... MAKE YOU 1ST!! Don't forget what your focus is! Ride with you or Ride away from you! They not gonna like this one... #TruthHurts #CardioChronicles #Cardio #StairMaster #netflixandcardio #IntervalCardio #HiitCardio #MOTIVATION #StairMasterChronicles #Truth #morningmotivation #FollowYourOwnPath #InvestInYourself #Goals #GrindOnAllLevels #FemBullee

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My future plan is to become an IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder and eventually compete on a professional level. I am currently on a national level and will be competing again on a national level in order to obtain my pro card. I would like to become an athlete model for a magazine, sports advertisement, obtain an athlete sponsor, travel as an athlete for different events, even get into a little acting and wrestling.


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