Sherri Wesley - IFBB Physique Pro

Sherri: I took interest in competing in 2005 after a friend at the gym said to me "you train hard, you should compete in a bodybuilding competition". Not knowing a lot about bodybuilding I did some reading and then went to see an NPC show in NYC. I was so impressed by the physique of the figure competitors instantly. Strong and beautiful at the same time. As I watched them do their 3 quarter turns. I said to myself, I can do that! I gave myself a year to train and diet and did my first competition and then I was hooked. The best feeling in the world to achieve that goal. I knew I would do another.

From off -season to precontest my diet becomes more strict. Off season I can relax a little, I will sometime use marinades with proteins or have an snack or two during the day, a glass of wine. Pre contest I tighten up and stick to a very strict clean eating. The diet I found most effective to build muscle is by eating good clean healthy meals, using the best sources of protein. Fresh food always.

The competition diet plan that didn't work best for me was one that allowed me to load on junk (sugary) foods one day a week. I felt for me it wasn't something I could follow long term. Having sugar would just make me want more sugar.

My training program consists lifting 5-6 days a week and cardio. I focus on being consistent and spend a lot of time at the gym.

I still get nervous when I walk on stage but the way I build my confidence is by doing more competitions.

At the 2015 Master's Nationals I remember the whole experience for me was amazing. The competition staff were all so helpful and organized. Meeting so many great competitors and hearing their inspiring stories about their journey into bodybuilding and competing.

My future plans are to make my prodebut in the IFBB, bringing my best physique to the stage.

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Sherri Wesley