Shelley Bell - Physique Competitor

Shelley: I always knew I wanted to compete one day but life got busy started a family gained and lost weight many times the wrong way. But once my boys were old enough and I was mentally in the right place and got the right information on health and nutrition. I decided to start training for my first show at the age of 39, trained hard for 2 years having my boy friend teach me all he knows about weight training and helping me get ready to step on stage and I loved every min of it.

I placed 3Rd in figure open and 2Nd in masters physique then took a year to build and hired a coaches who are amazing and did my next show and did very well winning over all physique first in open and masters, qualified for provincials which I just did last weekend in Toronto and placed 4th, and now nationally qualified. Will be taking another year to build and be better than my last. Excited for it all.

Shelley Bell

I do a 12-16 week prep and my diet is pretty straight forward body responds well to lower carb, higher fat diet, I only increase my cardio during prep and hit them weights hard. I always do fasted cardio in am 45 min usually running Or stepper wake at 330 am then hit weights after work and post cardio stepper 45-50 min. Love every min of it sometimes it's a struggle waking but soon as I am out the door I am good to go.

Off season diet I slowly reverse my prep then slowly adding more food in so I don't rebound and gain weight at slow steady pace keeping my metabolism healthy.

To step on stage I was so excited for it all that I really didn't have any stage fright just excitement, I just focus on the judges and smile and own my moment that I worked for every moment leading up to the day. I enjoy as much as possible, it goes so fast. I have met so many amazing athletes competing that I have become friends with. I feel it's not about the win its about the journey along the way and the people you meet.

My goals are set to do Nationals next Aug, going to enjoy the summer being lean then start to build for Nationals next year. You cannot rush takes time years to build and I am enjoying every min of it. I am very fortunate that I have a amazing support system my boyfriend and gfs and coaches are a huge part of my success you are only as strong as your support system. I am blessed to have so many that truly care.

I get asked how do I stick to my diet and I find it's easier on prep mind is set on the goal so no desire to cheat. Diet is everything during off season as well I eat very clean still and do the 80/20 rule, it seems to work well for me. I enjoy the occasionally treat but stay on track eye on the prize lol.


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