Shea Menchaca - Physique Competitor

Shea: Been involved in sports all my life, however started Fitness competition competing in 1999. Completed several shows with highest place of 4th in the John Sherman Classic 1999. Took a 17 year break due to raising children, growing businesses and traveling for work. Purchased a gym in 2013, and got the bug to compete again. Started back as of last year 2015 and competed this year 2016 in Figure and Physique competitions.

I eat the same year round with exception of no cheat days during contest prep. What diet have you found most effective to lose weight and build muscle (meals, calories) For me , lean steak, white fish and 99/1 turkey. sweet potatoes and leafy greens work best . I range from 1500 calories to 900 pending contest time.
Trying to do any sort of dieting while still allowing alcohol in the diet does not work for me. I have had to completely cut out all alcohol to get to my goal. Not even a little. Clean lean food is my answer.

Self-confidence to compete: It comes natural. I love who I am as a person and all that I have been able to do in my life from raising kids to building businesses to competing. God has been good in giving me a strong personality that is capable of enduring much. As long as I have my health I have everything so with that said it makes everything in life easier and a blessing. To me the Actual show time is the fun part, no stress, someone makes you pretty and, you just do what comes natural Ö.smile!

Training: 3 days lifting 3 days boxing. HIIT cardio in the AM and PM. I put on muscle super easy so I perform a lot of plyometric style movements, Right now I am trying to grow legs so heavy movements and squats. I prefer plyos anyway so I will be glad when I get done with the heavy lifting.

I truly enjoyed the experience I had at the recent Ronnie Coleman Classic 2016. Place 2nd in Physique Novice , Masters and Open. I also did Figure Novice and Masters which my coach told me not to do but I wanted to do anyways and the coach was right I didnít place well as I was too hard for it. Masters 5th Open 10th. Not great at all. Nonetheless I have found my place in the competition categories and that is Physique. So if nothing else I qualified for National level show and now know I will move forward in physique categories. Like they say, if in doubt just do what the coach said to do in the first place.

Along with competing in fitness shows I also have an interest in Boxing. I am entered into National Level Golden Gloves Womens Boxing July 5. Looking forward to this experience! In addition I plan to try my hand at one more show this year, Texas Cup Dec 10. as I would like to take 1st place before moving on to a National level competition in physique. I plan to fix my mistakes and be even better than before. Reaching for better and better every time.


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