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I am often asked to share my diet and nutrition philosophies with my fans and friends, so when Model Observer asked me to write a little bit about me and my nutrition I jumped on the opportunity. I want to start by saying that I model my nutrition after the great fitness icons and roll models like Monica Brant. I have had the honor of spending a few days with Monica Brant over the last few years and she is the most disciplined eater I have ever met and her influence on me has been unlike any other in our industry. I hear often about genetics and drugs; but those 2 factors have little or nothing to do with it. Discipline is the number one factor that impacts your ability to build the body you want and maintain it for a lifetime.

For me I have 2 different diets I subscribe to; and Open Diet and a Limited Diet. I really don't like to talk about nutrition in terms of off season and in season because I like to maintain the same physique year round and in order to do that my diet has to be the same year round. So my Open Diet and my Limited Diet have a lot of similarities. First off I do not eat any processed foods. If it comes in a box then I will not eat it; and this includes competitor favorites like ricecakes. Next, I eat 4 or 5 meals per day. This is far different then many competitors that eat 7 meals per day. I am just too busy to get 7 meals in and in the past often missed meals which interfered with my ability to get in enough calories per day. Lastly, I eat whole foods including all meats, fruits, vegetables, good fats, and whole starches that come from nature. There is one more thing I adhere to year round and that is the elimination of sugar. Sugar is one of the most highly addictive foods their is and it is insidious. Once you have a piece of candy then your body craves it and finds ways to sneak it into your diet for the following days. So, I have learned to just eliminate it from my diet and when I do choose to have something sweet to eat, I do it know full well that I will have a 10 day challenge getting off of it.

Open Diet:
During the months of November and December I eat an Open Diet. An open diet is a 4 meal a day diet that has only approved foods in the diet, but I do not organize my meals like my Limited Diet. The Open Diet contains a protein and a green vegetable at every meal; and includes starches and fruits before 2 pm and good fats after 2 pm. It really is as easy as this. In addition, year round, I keep an Open Diet day on Sundays once I start my Limited Diet.

Limited Diet:
This is a very specific diet that I live on 10 months out of the year. I have specific foods at specific times and only combine certain foods. I am also going to rotate a low calorie day and a high calorie day with this diet. Low Calorie days will consist of about 1250 calories and 4 meals. High Calorie days will consist of about 1750 calories and 5 meals. Each meal will have only one of the following sources of protein; eggs, white fish, lean ground beef, bison, flank steak, and sardines. Meal 1 each day will contain a fruit that will consist of berries, grapefruit or apple only. Meal 2 each day will contain a starch that will consist of quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, yam or butternut squash. Meal 3, and 4/5 will contain green vegetables that will consist of broccoli, asparagus, green beans, kale, spinach or brussel sprouts. Last but certainly not least is meal 4 and it will have a good fat that will consist of Flax Oil, Coconut Oil, or Udo's Oil.

I have tried all different types of programs in the past Ketogenic, Metabolic Confusion etc. and they have all worked to one degree or another. The reason that I use the program above is because I feel the best and it is the easiest for me to adhere to. It is true as we continue to compete and diet our bodies become less metabolic, so that is why I choose not to diet and like to maintain my physique year round. You will not see me gain more than 4 or 5 pounds in the off season; and I still build and maintain an obtainable physique with sexy lean muscle; which is my goal. I have had many trainers question this philosophy but the way I see it is if fitness icons like Monica Brant can do this and maintain an amazing physique then so can I.

So as you know diet and nutrition is nothing without the workouts to support it. The training philosophy that I adhere to is "To Look Like an Athlete, You Must Train Like an Athlete". My year round training program incorporates old school traditional bodybuilding weight lifting combined with plyometric athletic training. I also include both steady state and high intensity interval training cardio 5 or 6 days per week to keep my heart and lungs healthy. Oh, and you can't forget the importance of stretching; so I incorporate Ashtanga Yoga once or twice per week.

As you can see my nutrition and training is a little different then what you read with most professional fitness competitors today. All that means is that there is no ONE way to build the body you want. But, what I do know is if you do not enjoy the process you will not stick with it. I have developed a program for myself that I love and I stick with year round. I am rewarded for that dedication and discipline with the body I have always wanted.

Sharon Polsky, WBFF Pro Fitness Model

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