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Shannon: Believe it or not I was actually a cross country and track & field runner throughout my high school and early college years, I only got into the sport of bodybuilding after I fell into some personal obstacles that allowed me to make a promise to myself to become stronger, independent and an inspiration to others. I competed in my first NPC show in May 2014 in the Women's Physique Division and instantly fell in love.

I am training and dieting all year long because I do try to do at least 2 shows a year. During my off season training I basically eat the same thing I eat while show prep with the addition of additional carbohydrates (which for me typically comes from white rice). During my prep, I have found that the most effective diet to work in my favor has been ketosis style with the carb loading days every so often to keep my metabolism high. I have tried various means of dieting, from the IIFYM method, carb cycling and Ketosis, but for my body type, the ketosis seems to be the most effective in getting me peeled without holding too much water.

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From my off season to prep season, some of the key components of my training definitely change. My offseason training usually consists of 5 days of lifting with much heavier weight in order to put on size and very minimal cardio. Once my prep season starts I train 6 days a week in the gym with weights incorporating different exercises in to shape and bring out my muscles the way that I want them to look. Also through prep season I incorporate hot yoga into my regimen 1-2 days a week to help with flexibility. Prep season incorporates the most cardio in for me, which includes 7 days a week of steady state fasted cardio in the morning and HIIT training at night. The cardio itself really helps me shed my additional weight quickly and efficiently while also allowing me to maintain most of my size.

For me, I have always had an issue with my body. I struggle with bulimia nervosa and through the sport of bodybuilding, being able to have that power to shape your body the way you want it is a tool that everyone should learn how to develop. Through bodybuilding I was able to learn to love and accept my body for the way it is as well as finally go into recovery for my destructive eating disorder tendencies. Overcoming those obstacles helped me make a change in my confidence level, and from working so hard to build up the physique it just changes the way you look at yourself.

Stepping on stage is the easy part, you have put in the work and put in the sweat, blood and tears and made the scarifies needed to get you on a competitive level, so the stage just allows you to show that level off.

I remember one of the highlights from the Michigan State Championship in 2015, where I won the title of Miss Michigan Physique. That show itself was able to help pull me to a reality that I can be successful at this sport. Many individuals who are not familiar with this sport have trouble identifying the differences between categories. I compete in the physique class, this class not only does their mandatory poses, we also have to incorporate those poses into a 90 second freestyle routine to help show off and accentuate our muscles. That is why I love the physique class so much because we are able to throw a little bit more of our creative side into the competition to really define our personalities.

Below is a current list of the shows that I have or will be competing in, after my final show in July 2016 I will be taking 10 months off to train intensively with my coach in order to bring in some things that we really need to work on to bring a tighter package to the 2017 season.
May 2014-Muscle City Class
June 2015- Michigan State Championship
November 2015- National Bodybuilding Championships
June 2016- Junior National's Bodybuilding Championships
July 2016- Nicole Wilkin's Classic

Training info:
Home Gym (s): Lake Orion Powerhouse- Lake Orion, MI
Rochester Gym -Rochester, MI

Coach (s):
Prep/Diet: Bill Tocco - Warroom Nutrition
Posing: Kenny Wallach -Posing by Kenny
Mentor: Phill Stublensky - Lake Orion Powerhouse

Contact Info:
Instagram: @shanisfierce

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