Shannon Hall - Bikini Competitor

Shannon: I started competing 4 years ago. My close friend competed and she encouraged me to try it and I did. I feel in love with the lifestyle!

My off season diet I will have some sugars and a cheat meal with carbs weekly. I stay very close to my competition weight in the off season. The diet I find most effective is one with lean meats, fish, egg whites, steel cut oats and veggies. I also use a good protein powder. I don't count calories I just eat 7 times a day and keep the meals clean. I feel you need to see what works for your body and what goals you want to achieve. My diets have worked perfectly but I put them together and they work if you are eating clean and working out consistently.

I generally do an hour of cardio a day running outside or treadmill and work the weight a different body part daily. I will also hit glutes 4-5 times a week in addition to my body part I am doing that day. Your diet is the most important piece to rule your workouts and if your diet is not perfectly on point no amount of training can change it.

I was a pageant girl growing up, dancer, actress, so I am very confident on stage. Also the more you compete the more you realize it is one big family. I have worked so hard in the gym I focus my mind on that being on stage and to show off all the hard work I have done. I also use a posing coach close to show time to perfect my routine so it is flawless.

My recent show NPC Pacific USA's August 2015 was the longest hardest prep I have done to be honest. I trained 2-3 times a day with added cardio. I worked hours with my posing coach and had the perfect suit made. I was super nervous because I have not competed in a while and so it was new experience almost. It was a big show and the room during check ins was filled to the brim. I found myself looking at the competitors and comparing them to myself. I wanted to see who brought their A game to this show. I feel super confident and I knew who I had to out pose to win.
Pre Judging was amazing the next day because my body had peaked and everything was perfect my tan, suit, shoes and jewelry. I had my posing down flawless and I was not nervous at all that day. I rocked the stage and remember to smile every moment on stage. I was tired after the open class comparisons because they had us do them 4 times and flexing that long is very tiring. I stuck it out but it wore me out and I almost dropped down the moment I stepped off stage.
Finals were an amazing blur. They keep calling my number and name and I took 1 place in 45+ and Overall in 45+ , I look 1 Place in 35+ and Overall in 35+. I also took 3rd place in Open Class. It was epic to have all my hard work pay off on stage and it is something I will never forget.

I am training to compete in PA at Maters Nationals next September and go for my pro card. I will also do a few other shows this year in prep for Nationals. I also model and act often and plan to continue with my journey in those areas as well. contact me at Facebook:

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Shannon Hall

Shannon Hall