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I started competing when I thought I could lose some weight. My goal was not to get on stage, but I wanted a physique like that for one time. Then people are saying ďyouíre doing all this and you look great, so why donít you compete and make the next step: stageĒ. Well okay, I started to be more and more motivated so in 2015 I entered the stage in the Body-Fitness division. I really wanted to see how strong mentally I was (itís strong). After that: I was kinda hooked, and wanted to be in the Physique division, so Iíve searched for a coach. And in 2016 Iíve competed in the Physique division, became 3th, got my B-status and now Iím working hard to go for an A-status.

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Diet: Off season is bulking season. Iím eating according a clean-bulk, lots of carbs and proteins, 6 or 7 meals a day, 6 days a week. Iím having one day ďoffĒ and thatís my cheat day. At this day Iím eating burgers, fries, pizza, and sometimes chocolate. My pre contest is 6 meals a day, 12 weeks, 7 days a week. And that contains rice, vegetables and chicken. My carbs are changing by the day, itís a triple-diet. So one day is high on carbs, the next day middle and the day after that is a low carb. And then switch back to high carbs. I'm doing this for 12 weeks, and the first 8 or 9 weeks Iím having one cheatmeal, which will be a fat-one, so pizza for instance. 3 or 4 weeks before the contest Iím skipping my cheatmeal.

Iíve tried a keto-diet this time for 5 weeks, but it was not good for me. Iíve started to lose so much fat and muscle mass, that I felt skinnier than before Iíve started bulking. So changed that directly and eating a lot of carbs now. My body looses fat very fast, so I need the carbs to hold my muscles.

Most of the times Iím training till failure, burning the muscles! Cardio is not my favorite and I have to be careful with that (losing too fast too much muscles). Last year I havenít done any cardio, this year only 15 minutes of treadmill-walk after my workout. Whether Iím off-season or pre-contest, Iím always pushing myself. I donít let my food of mood decide how I train.

Well Iím really not a stage-person, I donít feel comfortable when all the people stare at me. But when I stood there and had a first call out, I feel great, Iíve never expected that.

Life as an athlete: Pre-contest Iím not having a social life. It's all about training and eating. Off-season Iím having more time to go out for diner with friends, but only on Saturdays (cheat day). And when Iím going to do something with friends, its always after training. My training comes first. And then thereís the food-prep. Al these things cost a lot of time, and people who donít do competitions donít get that sometimes you have to say no. But itís what I like now and because of my age (47) I know I canít do this much longer so now itís a lifestyle I really like and feel good by it.

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Future plans: always be better than you where yesterday, so after my competition in November bulking-season begins, building more gains!

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