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Selina: I started as a competitive swimmer training up to 14 times a week, until I had a injury with my back which put a sudden holt to training and competing, I since have been intrigued by anything can help me manage my condition and strengthen necessary muscles to keep me functioning at my best, myself I had always been nervous of doing weight training as naturally being more muscular everyone had an opinion on the subject, I heard it all ! It wasnít till I had been given the hard word from the doctor, (if I were you I would try anything you physically can to get some relief or surgery Is your only other option). So from then I decided that would be exactly what I would do, so then my journey started on this path of competing.

I follow a very holistic and natural approach to competing, which works for me, in the off season I focus on building and maintaining muscle mass, my calorie intake is higher and natural carbs is higher ie pumpkin, sweet potato and oats etc, my weight training remains the same as comp prep, 5 days a week, I just lower the cardio sessions, I also do yoga at least twice a week all year round, this allows my body to rejuvenate and grow as I would like, as the comp prep starts the calorie intake drops but as I follow a holistic approach I still eat a lot every few hours itís just very nutrient dense food, rarely would drop below 1500 calories a day right up to final days leading into comp, I work on burning the fat off through hard work and exercise, not starving myself, I do believe this gives me an edge coming in to competition as I feel amazing and my body loves me for it.

I only use raw natural protein powders in my shakes as in my experience the whey and others on the market donít agree with me leaving me feeling quite bloated and ill, I eat an extreme amount of fruit and vegetables and white meat protein ie fish and chicken, I also take a natural supplements called Cellgevity and Juice plus which I take all year round, I try to avoid any other supplementís or pre workouts as I have found they can play around with adrenal gland function and a lot of other hormones in the body and can have not very nice effects, I feel this helps a lot as you lead into a competition it defiantly becomes a mind game as your body is very clever in wanting you to raise the body fat higher, you will start to crave things you potentially never had a desire to eat, you almost have heightened senses to smells, find yourself staring at food shop windows, day dreaming what am I going to eat after the comp, it then becomes the strong willed spirit to ignore what the brain is doing and not give in.

As this year has been my first year of competing in IFBB Federation which I placed second in open physique. The experience has been a real eye opener to me, the Hair the Makeup, The TAN and that ity bity bikini, there is so much hard work that comes down the this one day, once you hit that stage the lights are on, your sweating your butt off and trying to do all your poses all gracefully and confidently, itís far from easy, you may be out there for 5 minutes or 30 minuteís, youíre in the hands of the judges, they may decide there and then, you may need the leave the stage and come back on later or you may do comparisons between other competitors for quite some time. Stage presence is extremely important you may not win a place with stage presence but you can certainly loose a place without it. I do feel you will either do a comp and love it or never want to do it again, itís an extremely long and tiring day for competitors and in my experience the more help and support you have the better experience you will get out of it.

I Love it, love the challenge and the training and plan to keep improving my physique, whilst still maintaining a nice natural womanly shape and will be competing in INBA this May and hope to even one day get my Pro Card .


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Selina Lee

Selina Lee