Savannah-Jay Prenzler - Bikini Competitor

4 X IFBB WP Overall Fitness Winner
3 Place IFBB Nationals
2 X 3rd place Arnold Classic 17'
10 IFBB Junior World Champs 17'

The beginning: I met my fiance 5 years ago, who is a bodybuilder as well as a part time prep coach and trainer. He took me to my first show and I pointed to those beach bikini girls and said wow I could do that easy! (coming from a sporting background I thought this would be a walk in the park). Well I can tell you right now that those were one of the hardest 3 months of my life and never did I realize the mental and physical strength it takes to prep for a body building show and to think I was only doing beach bikini! However 3 months later I made it onto that stage and paced second! The respect I had for the athletes were unbelievable and could not believe that they looked the way they did and how they just kept it up. From then on I was hooked and I have competed ever since.

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Catch ya on the flip side.. Girls it's okay to relax this season. Not saying go out and eat everything but enjoy and just be mindful ?? . . #fitnesswomen #fitness #makeastatement #motivateothers #inspireothers #passion #lifestyle #booty #growth #grind #muscle#workhard #abs #drivendaily #goals #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation #girlswithmuscle #muscle #girlswholift #grind #glutes #perky #bodyprogress #booty #believeinyourself #goals #fitnessgirl #healthylife #healthy #instadaily #growth #dothehardwork #slayer #ifbb

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As you compete you learn more and more that the 12 weeks of prep or however long you take is not the only work you have to do, it's a year round thing. When I am on prep for a show my diet is quite grueling and not for the faint hearted like it is for most athletes. It consists of 6-7 meals a day, protein source being the consistent source in the meals with added fats, carbohydrates and greens. This however all depends on where you are in your prep and how you are looking and what you are needing. Myself personally, I am very carb dependent and therefore do not respond very well on a low carb, high fat diet. So I have more carb, low fat diet but it all depends again on my refeed meals and where I am on my prep. Offseason I keep it clean as I always like to be able to look the part, there is nothing worse then working extremely hard for a show and then letting it all fall away when you offseason which is why I say it's a year round diet.

I have learnt over the years that I do not respond well on a keto diet. Yes initially it will help to get rid of the stubborn fat, however I tend to pick up water and in return my body stops responding. Also a keto diet for an extended time can be harmful for a female and I do not recommend it. The most basic diet people go on would be the chicken, rice and greens, this however does not work for me at all. For the past two and a half years I have followed the same diet and its flawless for myself. Adding little fillers and nice things in my diet has also never worked and I do not reach the look I want.

I have never been a public person so walking on that stage for the first time I felt like an animal caught in headlights. The more you compete the easier it gets for most however I have gotten to the point that I have worked extremely hard to be able to step onto that stage and at the end of the day I am here showing you my hard work and need to fight to earn my placing. I walk out there as if I am the only person on that stage with a "I am here attitude and I've worked for this' I walk out there having fun and not caring what anyone in that crowed thinks as at the end of the day they are not on that stage, have never been on that stage or have tried and failed.

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They say shows are won from the back.. So let's take the battle to them ???? . . #fitnesswomen #fitness #makeastatement #motivateothers #inspireothers #passion #lifestyle #booty #growth #grind #muscle#workhard #abs #drivendaily #goals #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation #girlswithmuscle #muscle #girlswholift #grind #glutes #perky #bodyprogress #booty #believeinyourself #goals #fitnessgirl #healthylife #healthy #instadaily #growth #dothehardwork #slayer

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My training changes according to where I am on my prep, off season is more relaxed and I am able to lesson the cardio and able to train more heavy. During prep training becomes quicker, more reps and less rest periods in between and less heavy. I increase my cardio during prep as well. During prep I am not aiming to build anymore, however I train to uncover the final product and sculpt. I train to also become calorie deficit.

My last show was an IFBB Money show in South Africa called Gentle Giant. Check in was a long queue and was quite tiring however once I got through to the registration it went quickly, as being a seasonal competitor you know the process and come prepared. Prejudging went quicker than we all expected and before we knew it I was on stage. I had a lot of girls in my lineup and it was tough. Finals was extremely late in the evening and I ended up falling asleep backstage by the time I got on stage I felt extremely tired and felt I didn't look my best. I also did not have my coach with me at this show and for me it's the difference between winning and loosing.

My whole life has changed since I decided to compete. Depending on how far you take your competing career your life is never the same. You are always watching what you eat, training and focusing on your next show. You loose a lot of friends, as you don't have much of a social life when you compete and most people do not understand it .Its hard as sometimes you do want to be normal and eat whatever you want and miss training here and there but at the end of the day you can't.... well I can't as it backfires. Your body as an athlete is very sensitive and if you do the norm your body shows it and one you sometimes cannot come back from it or you become extremely unhappy. I travel for work and it can become extremely hard, I always have to take food with me, find a gym and even make time to train on my travels. Being out of routine as an athlete is hard.

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When life is chaotic, take a breather it's okay ???? . . ??@kimvanzylphotography #fitnesswomen #fitness #makeastatement #motivateothers #inspireothers #passion #lifestyle #booty #growth #grind #muscle#workhard #abs #drivendaily #goals #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation #girlswithmuscle #muscle #girlswholift #grind #glutes #perky #bodyprogress #booty #believeinyourself #goals #fitnessgirl #healthylife #healthy #instadaily #growth #dothehardwork #slayer #ifbb

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I am aiming to for my pro card and trying to make competing as a career. Like most of us all dream, however it is extremely hard to do in South Africa. I love competing but have also a few times turned around and asked myself is it worth it being in South Africa and do I really have what they want as an international athlete. Also it is much "easier" when you have sponsorships and backing but when you don't it can sometimes be challenging and disheartening especially when you come across people who do have it purely based on social media and not based on being quality athletes.


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