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I found a love for the sport at a very young age watching my brothers compete in bodybuilding. But it wasnít until I met the man I now call fiance and my soon to be husband that I realized I wanted to officially start pushing towards pursuing my dream of competing. But what makes our story so great is that we both wanted to compete and we have had the pleasure of seeing those dreams come alive and pushing each other every step of the way.

A little #flexfriday / #tbt action ?? Crazy to think that picture on the left was 4 weeks ago! But I have put everything into this prep and was determined to bring a better package to the stage this year and I feel next week I will have accomplished that! Final Count down is on?????? @diezel_by_dezign @nikkis.angels #preplife #7daysout #grinding #teamsims #nikkisangels #procardiamcomingforyou #nationallyqualified #gunsfordays #makingmywaytothestage #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #powerfull #futureifbbpro #competitor #bodybuilding #gymlife #figureathlete #bootyfordays #fitnessjourney #npccompetitor #fitnessmotivation #nodaysoff #fitfam #goals #badass #swolenation #4ever_diezel

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The difference between my off-season to pre-contest would be portion sizes and different carb ratios. My first year competing I had a coach that had me on 3 times the amount of protein I should have been taking in which resulted in me gaining weight/ body fat instead of losing. (Needless to say we fired that coach 5 weeks out but we finished that prep ourselves which ended up turning out okay besides the minor set back).

How I balance my training and my diet is timing. Honestly I canít stress enough about timing. Getting your body on a time regimen along with a specific routine is the best thing for you when it comes to achieving your ultimate goal/look.

Building self-confidence I feel is acquired by how much effort you actually put into your prep. I feel if you donít put your whole heart into it then you're only cheating yourself in the end and I feel that will most definitely show on that stage.

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I competed this past June in my first National Level show and ended placing in the Top 5. It truly was a honor to step on that stage. When it comes to the different phases throughout the entire show I would most definitely say you feel different emotions. For me personally I kind of get into this zone where I am checking in with my coach and listening to what she wants/needs me to do. Then once all the getting ready is done and I am standing waiting to take that stage I know the time to shine is now and that all my hard-work is about to be showcased and I want to make sure I show it well. Because how you present yourself up on that stage says a lot about you and how well you prepared for that show.

I wouldnít staying being an athlete affects your life. I would say being an athlete is a way of life and I have chosen to be an athlete.

My future plans as of right now is to get married to the love of my life in 3 months. After that I will officially go into progression season and from there decided which national show. I plan to compete in once Iíve officially nailed that down I will plan to start my prep in accordance to that show.


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