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I joined the gym on a whim on June 25th, 2015 and quickly fell in love with weightlifting. I taught myself everything I know today about working out and building muscle because I didn't have money for a personal trainer or any friends who lifted. After some months in the gym, I started to wonder how I could take my body to the next level. I yearned for another goal. I had seen a lot of girls on social media compete in bodybuilding competitions and always found it to be inspiring. I did a lot of research on the before, during, and after of a show and decided that it was something I was ready to commit to 100%. After a 13 week prep with a coach I hired online, I competed in my first show on June 25th, 2016: a year to the day of me joining my first gym.

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Diet and Training

When I am prepping for a competition, I follow an IIFYM way of dieting which is a macro based diet. I am essentially still able to eat anything that I want as long as I hit my numbers for my proteins, carbs, and fats for the day (which equal up to your daily caloric intake). I have found this diet to be the most effective because it is very sustainable. The fact that I don't feel restricted helps me stick to the plan. If I want to fit in an Oreo or a bowl of ice cream into my daily meals, I have the option to do so. However, I mainly eat clean most of the time. When I am in my offseason, I do not track any macros but instead follow intuitive eating. I have found that this way is also sustainable for me because it gives me even more flexibility during a time of year where I don't need to be as on point.
I have only ever used IIFYM during a competition season and it has worked very efficiently. However, before I got into weightlifting, I followed an incredibly low carb diet for a long time during my eating disorder. A low carb diet is not only unsustainable but very unhealthy and not effective. Your body needs carbs for energy and you will only create intolerances to food if you cut whole groups out.

On season, I weight lift 5-6 days a week and start off with cardio on the lower end with calories being as high as possible. The closer I get to the show, cardio increases and calories decrease to maximize body fat loss. I typically hit lower body 2-3 times a week and upper 2 times a week with a total body day thrown in. Offseason, I increase calories and decrease cardio overtime. I only lift 5 days a week to give my body more time to recover since my lifts will be getting heavier due to the increase in food, energy, and the desire to build more muscle.

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On Stage

I was never not confident enough to get on stage because the whole process of weightlifting and bodybuilding and putting in the work day in and day out while seeing your body transform before your eyes will give you all the confidence in the world to get up there on show day and OWN IT. You worked for it!

All of my show days have been some of the most incredible experiences of my life. The charged energy back stage during check in and when you're waiting to hit the stage is undeniable. You are finally surrounded by people who know exactly what you've been through for x amount of weeks because they have done it themselves! Everyone is genuinely thrilled to be there and I have made so many lasting friendships with fellow competitors. I have not really had a negative confrontation with anyone at my shows. You will never be more nervous in your life than when you are next in line to get up and strut across the stage but once your feet start moving, I swear it all melts away and your body takes over. Milk every second on stage because it goes so fast! You worked so hard for this one moment so remember to enjoy yourself and smile!

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I am currently in my offseason and having a blast eating more and getting super strong but hope to start my next competition prep in March. I plan on competing in June before going for a second shot at my pro card at Team Universe in July. My dream is to win my IFBB Pro Card one day and make it to the Olympia stage!

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