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I started competing at the age of 49 after I severely herniated my L4 and L5 lumbar after years of improper posture, stress (related to a high stress commercial real estate career, prolonged side effects from a totally reconstructed right calcaneus following a car injury 20 years ago). I began PT after a treatment of spinal injections as part of my recovery for the herniated discs and started training with a personal trainer to build strength to my core and lower body. It was then that I was inspired after seeing another athlete a woman train for a body building competition that I made up my mind to do the same. With much patience from my trainer, change of mind set and increased food intake with training 6 days a week, I was able to compete less than 8 months later in my first ever bikini fitness competition and won my class. This is what changed my entire perspective and I made my mind up to continue build and turn Pro, which I was able to do less than 3 years later.

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I have almost mastered my off season nutrition and plan. I stick to a combination of calories and meals and maintain my conditioning through doing cardio 20 minutes 3 times a week during off season. I never go above 8 -10 pound (max) over stage weight each off season. I typically consume about 3,000 calories during my improvement season and about 1700 during peak week. 2019 is going to be my first year as a Pro so will have to see what changes will be made by my coach. However based on judges' feedback, there is very little improvements to overall physique, conditioning has always got great feedback so will just keep improving overall and maintain the level of conditioning to each show next year.

I only had 3 coaches so far and my very first coach had a more traditional approach but he was also training me for the first time. It takes a while for a coach to understand an athlete's body type. I had a low carb, low fat diet. I also didn't have much muscle when I started. Now I know my body needs carbs and fats all the way to show day!

Self-confidence: This is very important to me and happy to share this message. I have always been successful, driven, determined and giving my all to everything. I have confidence in my work place as my role as my mother, a leader and never felt intimidated. However when it came to being on stage, I didn't see what others saw in me. I have been fighting with self esteem issues for a long long time, and no one could say because I was good at doing everything to mask it and get the task done. HOWEVER, body building and competing brings out the REAL you. Under those stage lights, in front of the judges, in front of your athlete peers, you are the MOST vulnerable and if you don't overcome the lack of love and self esteem issues to truly LOVE yourself and BELIEVE in you, that WILL show on stage. And it did to me. 3 times at Nationals I placed top 5 and last year I had people come back stage to meet me to just say that they thought I brought the best conditioning, stage presence and physique and should have won and not placed third. The judges feedback to that show was bring that same look (don't change anything) to the next National show! But I knew that it was me. It was that one thing that kept me from winning and getting my Pro card. It was BELIEVING in me! This year, I worked on that. Through prayer, reading self love, affirming myself, positive thinking, visualizing, cultivating a winning mentality every day I slowly started training myself, my mind to be a winner. I wrote boldly on my vision board, Saroj Corr, IFBB Pro July 2018 and I wore the NPC - Only the Best Go Pro tank to the Gym and practiced how I felt. I turned that switch on and on show day I walked on stage to claim the center spot. I did and never got moved and I became a new IFFBB Pro. In July!

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I train 5 days a week. My Coach is phenomenal. I only do High reps, high intensity high sets. I always do interval cardio only 5 days a week for 30 minutes. I eat 100 - 175 carbs daily. This is my prep diet. I also get bi-weekly ART treatments for my bodywork and muscle recovery. I especially need it as I have massive scar tissue around my reconstructed ankle so I am limited also on the types of leg exercises I can do which makes it harder to build muscle on my lower body. However I have learned to endure a lot of pain in order to achieve my goals and have trained my mind over that as well.

My last competition was Masters Nationals by Gary Udit. It was my second year at that show. A very well run show and I loved everything about it. Gary Udit, the NPC treat their athletes so well and I am honored now to be part of the IFBB league.

Being an athlete has saved me. It has given me the mindset to make the impossible the possible and to never back down. I do not let age change me, I just change the way I age (Stole this slogan but I want to make this my tagline).

I want to compete in the Pro league and place well not just in masters but in Open as well. I want to be recognized as a competitive formidable athlete and defy all odds and myths about age. I also want to be a strong advocate for women and men over 40 to readdress their passion to find purpose and to make every sacrifice needed to pursue their dreams. We only have this life, this moment, live it well, live it how you want it to be. I want to eventually open a business based on fitness, health and nutrition. I will continue to compete until God shows me it is time to stop!


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