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Sarah: I was a long distance runner in HS and college. Post collegiately I was training for the Olympic Trials in the marathon (I used to weigh 119 pounds believe it or not). I went through 7 stress fractures in 2 years so I decided to hang up my running shoes and focus on putting on the necessary muscle to eventually do a figure competition. Competing was one of my goals since I was 15 years old but I had to accomplish my goals with running first as running at an elite level and putting on muscle are not conducive to one another.

My diet doesn't change much just the portions. I eat clean all the time except for one weekly cheat meal which isn't even really a cheat. I do not eat gluten or dairy and I do not eat anything processed or with sucralose. Everything I eat is whole, unprocessed foods. I guess if you had to label my diet you could call it modified paleo. You have to eat to perform. The diets that do not work long term are the ones that are too restrictive in terms of the caloric total. My biggest struggle has always been eating enough.

I love to train and I love all different modalities of training. I lift, I do crossfit, I do trail running and rucking. Anything that challenges me I enjoy. My training routine now focuses on key barbell movements and accessory work. I lift 6 days a week, cardio 6 days a week and crossfit 3-5 days per week.

I've always been confident. I've never lacked in that department but by bringing the best package possible to the stage each time gives you confidence.

The last time I competed was the North American Championships in 2015. I stepped on stage in my favorite and newest of 3 competition suites- blue with lots of crystals and bling. I had practiced my posing, changed my walk and altered my hello pose. I stepped on stage with confidence and poise bringing a package I was happy with though it wasn't my best package to date. We came with a softer look than Jr Nationals which I ended up not being a fan of. Every show is a learning experience and last year I learned I would rather bring the package I want and am happy with than trying to chase a look that the judges are after.

Future plans are up in the air. I'm not sure when I will step on the stage again. For now I'm enjoying being a well rounded, healthy athlete. I am planning on doing an ultra marathon in the fall and maybe a figure competition prior to that. I haven't really decided yet but I stay about 2-4 weeks out of competing shape so I can decide last minute.

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