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I have always been athletic and spent the majority of my adult working life as a dancer/singer performing in musicals such as starlight express and we will rock you. I have always been fascinated by the body and sitting at a desk was just never on my radar! I can honestly say competing petrified me though - mainly because I had suffered with disordered eating in the past and didn’t want someone coming in and telling me what to eat – I was very conscious of it bringing up old emotions but competing has been the most positive journey for me and has taught me to eat more than I used to! Competing seemed to keep crossing my path and so it kept intriguing me and eventually after being challenged by a competing friend to do a show, I thought…why not – if you don’t do it you will never know

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??And that's a wrap on show number 3 this year @mrolympiaamateur ?? . Feeling absolutely honoured to have placed 1st in my height class and battling in the overalls again for my pro card....third time this year I've been in this position and no pro card again this time. But that's all part of my journey. It is meant to be this way to help me grow, learn, appreciate and value the moment I do get my pro card as this girl doesn't give up on a goal...EVER!! . The only way to fail is to quit so keep grinding, keep striving and keep visualising your goals becoming a reality my friends . Now to make plans with @teamelitephysique for the next chapter of this story.....Portugal??? Let's see......the road to pro continues..... . ??: @bikinibkb Make up & Nutrition: @arbonne . . . #sarahlawloves #sarahssecrets #sarahlawuk #beingthebestme #fitnessgirlsmotivation #bikinicomp #ifbbathlete #teamelitephysique #fitspogirl #girlslifttoo #weightlossgoal #eatcleantrainhard #bootyworkouts #ifbbbikini #roadtopro #yogi #spiritual #mindset #tonyrobbins #mindyourmind #mindfullness #dreambelieveachieve #healthhopehappiness #liveyourdreams #yogainspiration #dreamlife #bethebestversionofyou #purposedrivenlife #amateurolympia

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Diet: I personally don’t like to think of it as on and off season – I am a big believer in fuelling your body well at all times and treat this like being an athlete – I therefore am not someone who in off season eats everything and anything. I believe consistency is the key to success. At times in the year when I am not close to a show my calories will be higher in order to regulate hormones and build muscle but I still track most meals allowing myself a meal or 2 a week eating intuitively. I am a trained nutritionist so know what foods are nourishing and ones that are dead calories so I would prefer to mainly nourish my body with foods I know are going to fuel me, make me feel good and give me energy rather than things that will make me feel sluggish, tired and bloated. That is not to say I never eat for enjoyment! I love food and have developed great recipes following healthy, clean principles.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring and bland! And of course I do also have treats if I want them when not close to a show but I don’t view it as a time to go wild and undo all the hard work I have put in. I have the healthiest relationship with food that I have ever had and it is because I educated myself on health, nutrition and its impact on the body. With regards to losing weight and building muscle – it is all about ensuring the body is functioning at its optimum – hormones are working, metabolism is working and there is no inflammation present. I used to think the less I ate the leaner I would be but this is not necessarily the case. If the body is stressed from too low calories and too much work it will hugely impact the thyroid, stress hormones and metabolism. For me I have found that being in a slight calorie deficit but focusing on eating clean real wholefoods has been the best way for me to build muscle and lose weight

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??Your genes do not have to determine your destiny?? . I'm fascinated with the topic of epigenetics which basically proves that your genes are affected by your environment. This means, if you are predisposed to a certain illness you don't have to actually get that illness . The environment your put your cells in determines how your cells and genes react and duplicate. This is why I'm so passionate about educating people on what to eat, drink, apply AND think...your thoughts have a HUGE impact on your health...fact! . Toxic foods, toxic products and toxic thoughts can all impact your genes and therefore health . This is so exciting as it means you are totally in control of your outcome. It will involve change and may not be easy to begin with but it's sooooo worth it to know you can live healthy and determine your future . If you'd love to know more about this is highly recommend reading "the wisdom of your cells" by Dr Bruce Lipton and also "breaking the habit of being yourself" by @drjoedispenza ....both MIND BLOWING ?? . . . . . #sarahlawloves #sarahssecrets #sarahlawuk #beingthebestme #fitnessgirlsmotivation #bikinicomp #ifbbathlete #teamelitephysique #fitspogirl #girlslifttoo #weightlossgoal #eatcleantrainhard #bootyworkouts #ifbbbikini #roadtopro #npcbikini #yogi #spiritual #mindset #tonyrobbins #mindyourmind #mindfullness #dreambelieveachieve #healthhopehappiness #liveyourdreams #yogalife #yogainspiration #dreamlife #bethebestversionofyou #thoughtsbecomethings

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Failed diet: Too low calorie with too much cardio for too long! I actually gained weight when doing this! It just goes to show it is not just about how many calories you are consuming, it is whether your body is burning those calories. My thyroid slowed down and I felt horrific. I could feel my body was in a state of stress. When I upped my calories, focused on more nutrient dense food and did way less cardio but more effective forms of cardio I dropped 2kg in a week!

Self-confidence: I think a lot comes from having a background in musical theatre – I treat the stage like a dance performance. I am there to give my best show! And I just say to myself – the hard work has been done, all that is left to do is enjoy it now and show off the hard work you have put in.

I lift 4-5 times a week and cardio varies depending on how close I am to a show and how much I may need to lean out. I mainly do HIIT and my cardio is never more than 45 mins with my coach who I joined back in May. All training and not focusing on diet will never produce results that are ready for the stage – there has to be a combination of them both – and rest is just as important as time in the gym – something I am learning – growth occurs in the recover phase not in the gym. My diet is balanced throughout the day

My most recent show was the Amateur Olympia in Alicante and the show was incredible! The standard was very high and it was a really fun show to do. I was absolutely honoured to have won my height class and been In the overalls fighting for a pro card.

Being an athlete: I see it as a way of life just as a pro athlete would – it doesn’t have to take over your whole life but it does need to be in your top 3 priorities if you really want to progress. It can be challenging at times when you are close to a show and there is a family event where you have to go armed with your Tupperware full of food rather than eating what everyone else is eating but I this doesn’t have to be all the time -this is again why I am a fan of consistency because it means you don’t have to be as extreme in the run up to a show until the final phases where there is no room for error. It can impact your personal life but if you are around supportive people who understand why this is important to you, they will be cheering you on. I am so fortunate to have a husband who believes in my goals and is also hugely passionate about fitness and nutrition so he is behind me all the way

Future plans: IFBB pro 1000%!! I have been very close this year and have won my last 3 shows in my height class and in the running for a pro card in the overalls and I am someone who doesn’t quit until I achieve my goal. Once going pro I want to be able to be competitive against the pro’s and go to the Olympia so will be working towards that…game on!


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