Sarah Cobean - IFBB Bikini Pro

A new IFBB Pro, 2019 NPC Junior Nationals

I knew going into this contest that I had built exactly the shape I was going for, however you never really know what the judges are looking for in a particular show. Nationals are hard, you're competing against CHAMPIONS from all over the country. You just do your best on stage to shine and pray that you stand out in front of the judges.

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Rocking @toxicangelzbikinis this weekend. Obsessed with this color! Xoxo ?? #npc #npcbikini #npcjuniornationals #hardbody #passion #leanbody #fitnessmotivation #athlete

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My prep revolved around two things: consistency and intensity. I eat clean, quality food and train HARD- I went from 5th place to 12th between my last two nationals, so I knew going into this one it was going to demand 100% dedication to get that 1st callout again. My biggest challenge this prep was those darn peak-week workouts, where every rep and every breath exhausts you. You feel like your strength is gone, and you just dont want to do it anymore. You just have to keep your eyes on the prize.

Being an athlete and hearing women say "you are my idol" and "your body is my goal" is beyond humbling. You realize that health and fitness isnt just about yourself, but about motivating and inspiring others to achieve their own goals. I cry when I think that my personal achievements are getting women pumped up to go after their own!

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Oh baby! Enrique, the woman I am becoming is all because of you. You inspire me, push me, love me, handle me(lol), you see things in me I dont or didnt see in myself. You are my rock. This isnt just about fitness. It's life- and I love doing it with you ? #love #happy #smilesformiles #fitcouple #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation #athlete #passion #bleedforit #bodybuilding #ifbb #ifbbbikini #bikinipro #enfreake #fitgoals #fitspo #girlswithmuscle

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My pro debut will be in September. And will be mapping out my pro schedule for 2020. When one goal is reached, you have to set a new one. Keep climbing!


== Previous Feature (2017) ==

* Overall Bikini Champ 2017 Central States

I did my first competition in May 2016 which I prepped 9 months for. I took 5th out of 14 girls in my class. I am currently 13 weeks out from USA Championships in Las Vegas!

I struggle during my off seasons, which now coming out of my second went way better than the first. I don't go wild with junk food, but my off season diet is mainly just larger portions with a "treat yourself" meal two or three timed a week. I have found the most effective way to diet is to eat good, clean foods and avoid cutting carbs entirely. I guess there is no real secret there!
I had a coach in the past who had me eating no carbs for almost 5 months straight. 2 out of 5 of my meals were a protein shake with 1tbsp of peanut butter. I showed up to the show flat, and for as little as I was eating, I still appeared heavy. I have now learned the magic of CARBS! And not over-complicating things... train hard and eat clean! (it is actually quite SIMPLE).

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I spent years before hitting the stage dreaming of being a bikini competitor- by the time I was on stage, I was so mentally ready for it!

My training program is awesome. My boyfriend also competes as a bodybuilder and he has taught me not to waste time on bullshit exercises that we see all over instagram. Lift to failure, INTENSE training. As he tells me "You should feel like you're dying every time." I train in the evenings after work and late morning on weekends. Normally I stay and do my cardio immediately after training.

My most recent show was Central States in Michigan where I took 3 1st place and overall win. Clean sweep! It was a better feeling than I could have possibly imagined. I expected to do well, but I think I underestimated myself for what I would actually accomplish. For nationals I am in a completely different zone. My competitive spirit is in full swing right now!

My life is beautiful. I work as a dental hygienist at the premier practice in the area, and my remaining time is spent at the gym and with my boyfriend. My family also lives close and they are incredibly supportive. This sport is my hobby and my passion. I do not do it for fame or income, just for love of the game!

Future plans are nationals!


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