Sarah Blakley - Bikini Competitor

Bikini Overall Winner, 2019 NPC Fresno Classic

Sarah: I began competing a year ago when my mom finally convinced me to join her in a show. She had competed in a Figure competition about 2 years prior, and ever since had been trying to get me to join her on stage. I finally caved and did my first Bikini show, alongside my mom competing in Figure, at the Fresno Classic in April 2018. We have now competed in 3 total shows together in the past year!

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Wow. First place. _ I’m still on such a high from yesterday! What a day! Not only did I take first place in BOTH my Open & Novice classes, but I also won OVERALL for both classes ???? *For anyone unfamiliar with the sport... divisions are broken up by height group. Then the winners of all the height groups compete against each other for the Overall winner of the class* _ I have to tell you.... going from last and second to last place in my show 4 weeks ago to now WINNING THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW is quite an AMAZING FEELING!! ?????????? I’ve put in so much of my mind, body, emotions, soul, time, effort, etc. into prepping the last 4 months and last night my efforts truly paid off. What a way to end it!! ???? _ HUGE thank you to my incredible family for the constant support, the best boyfriend, my amazing prep coach @vicki_fit for helping me over the past 8 MONTHS (4 months together in off season before prep started), my posing coach @tawnaeubanksmccoy , and every single one of you who wished me good luck, congratulated me, followed along, and supported me on this amazing journey. Also thank you to @musclesportproduction for putting on an outstanding show!! _ And just because I know people will be a bit confused.... that cool ass sword was my award (instead of trophy) for winning Bikini Open Overall! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT ?? _ My heart is so happy and my belly is so full ?????? Yesterday is a day I will never forget. • • • • • • • #fit #fitness #fitspo #inspo #fitnessinspiration #workout #workoutvideo #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #active #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #fresnoclassic #strong #totalnutrition #totalnutritionnorcal #teamTN #TNnorcalnation #fresnoclassic2019 #bikinioverallchampion #overallchampion #firstplace #bikiniprep #musclesportproductions

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Off season vs. in season diet:
My off season vs prep diet is not too different. I eat mostly the same foods, I am just much more strict during prep. In off season I have a treat meal about 1x a week whereas during prep I have maybe 2-3 in a 3 month period. During both off season and prep, I have the most success with having a macro diet plan and tracking my carbs, fats and protein. When trying to stick to a straight meal plan having the same foods every single day, I find my cravings for other foods are much higher. With having a bit more flexibility with counting macros, I am able to fulfill more of my cravings. Tracking my food has by far been the most successful way that I have been able to lose (and maintain the loss of) body fat. I also find that eating more smaller meals throughout the day (6 meals/ day) has helped me curb cravings and have less feelings of hunger.

Self confidence on stage:
This was something I really struggled with in the beginning. After all, you are in a tiny little bikini in front of hundreds of people who are judging your BODY - who wouldn't be nervous?! I remember my first session with my posing coach Tawna Eubanks.... I had NEVER done any type of posing before and she said "Okay, let me see your routine for stage". I was so thrown off and so nervous and totally winged it. After totally embarrassing myself she told me I need to learn how to be uncomfortable if I want to do well. As much as I hated her at that moment, I think that really did help me. Come show day I was insanely nervous before going on stage. My first round of pre-judging I was shaking the entire time I did my routine. But then when I got off the stage I thought to myself, "why am I so nervous? I've been practicing this and working toward this exact moment for months". From there my nervous just kind of went away! If you know you've put in the hard work and you are proud of what you're bringing to stage, the self confidence is just there! It was also helpful to remember that every other person on that stage is also strutting their stuff, being judged, in a tiny little bikini ;)

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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY ????????? _ 2 years ago today I was drunk at a Las Vegas pool party. Today I am 11 days out from my 2nd NPC Bikini competition. _ ~145 lbs vs. 125 lbs _ Proud of my progress. Thats all I have for today ?? • • • • • • • #fit #fitness #fitspo #inspo #fitnessinspiration #workout #workoutvideo #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #active #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #governorscup #fresnoclassic #transformation #transformationtuesday #progress

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Components of my program:
I will typically lift 5 days a week - 2 upper body, 2 lower body & 1 full body day. Cardio is almost always light intensity, steady state. I prefer fast walking on the treadmill but occasionally I'll do a circuit or HIIT style cardio day if I'm bored and want to mix things up.

Experience and feelings with recent contests:
During any competition, you need to be on your toes and ready for anything to happen. Things will more than likely not go how you plan! For example at my show about a month ago, the tanning people were backed up. I was in the middle of getting my spray done in the morning, literally in the tent being tanned, when one of the people working the event came up and yelled "ALL BIKINI ATHLETES NEED TO BE BACKSTAGE NOW OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE COMPETING TODAY". I had to run from upstairs to the backstage area trying not to touch anyone because I was still wet from my tan. I was trying to quickly eat my rice cake while my mom helped me put on my shoes and jewelry, all while getting glazed by one of the ladies backstage. I didn't even get a chance to pump up with resistance bands or check my hair and makeup. It was an absolute mess! Some girls didn't get their second coat of tan, and a few girls even missed going on stage because they stayed to get their tans.
You also want to expect to have a very, very long day. This past Fresno Classic, I woke up at 4:30am to begin getting ready and did not get off stage until about 9:45pm.
Although the day can be very long and frustrating, one thing you can be sure will happen.... you will meet the NICEST people! Even though everyone back stage is tired, and hungry, and eager to be done with the day so they can stuff their faces, they are all so nice, friendly and encouraging! It is one of my favorite parts of competing.

How being an athlete affects my life:
Being a competitive bikini competitor has definitely affected my life, mostly positives but a few negatives. Positives: I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my life. I love pushing myself to be better every single day, and the discipline I've learned while prepping and competing has helped me in other aspects of my life. There is no feeling in the world like knowing you worked your butt off (literally) every minute of every day to achieve your goal.
One of the harder aspects of this sport is that people don't really understand the commitment and time and discipline that you HAVE to have. None of my friends or coworkers are in this sport, so it can be hard for them to understand why I can't go out for casual drinks, or can't just have a bite of their food, or why I bring my own food to eat when we have catered lunches, etc. They are 100% supportive of me though, which is great! It would just be nice to have more people in my inner circle who can relate a little bit more. It is also quite expensive to compete so I have to turn down some other things I would like to buy in order to be able to save enough money for my competitions.

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Row row ROW your boat.... ?? _ Here’s a great workout for you with a few different variations of ROWS! I have a really hard time feeling back exercises, so I REALLY try to focus on the mind to muscle connection ?? ???? I AM FEEEEELING the soreness today, so it must’ve worked!! Here are the details ?? _ 1. Full to half lat pull downs : 3 x 12 each _ SUPERSET - 4 sets : 2. Lat pull overs x 12 3. Cable high rows x 15 _ SUPERSET - 3 sets : 4. Single arm cable row x 15 5. Single arm DB row x 12 *complete both exercises on one arm before switching to other arm* _ 6. Bent over cable low row : 3 x 10 _ 7. Assisted pull up with resistance band : 3 x 10 • • • • • • • #fit #fitness #fitspo #inspo #fitnessinspiration #workout #workoutvideo #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #active #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #fresnoclassic #strong #totalnutrition #totalnutritionnorcal #teamTN #TNnorcalnation

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Future plans:
Since I got nationally qualified at this past show, my plan is to compete at a national level and try to earn my Pro Card! I may compete nationally at the end of 2019, but I will definitely be working toward that come 2020.


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