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Before I started with weights I never did exercise or any type of sports. I decided start going to the gym because I only wanted to get fit for the summer, but I was so motivated at the beginning and I discovered that I love training, I love fitlife and I decided to change my lifestyle. I was looking for a personal trainer and I started to really change my body. In only six months my body had an awesome change and my trainer talked to me about contests, and I decided start the preparation for competing, first I competed in bikini fitness and one year later I changed to Bodyfitness-Figure category.

Diet: Well, I eat a lot variety food in both. I try to eat clean everyday thought obviously one day a week I have a cheat meal but when I preparing for competing I donít have cheat meals in three or four months. Normally I eat eggs, oatmeal, chicken, vegetables, salad, beef, rice, potatoes, pasta, the only think I control a lot is the way of cooking, everything I eat boiled or grilled.

For me, the most effective diet for lose weight and build muscle is eat 6 times a day, drink a lot of water, eat protein in every meal and combined protein with carbohydrates in 2-3 meals, especially before and after training. Vegetables are very important in the diet because helps us to have all nutrients that we need. I donít recommended to eat salt, I donít put salt in food. The most important to lose weight is combined diet and training and doing cardio for a long time (more than 30 minutes) after weight training.

The worst diet plans that I tried before were the miracle diets, when I wanted to lose weight, at the beginning, I started with very unhealthy diets, I was hungry all day, I didnít eat 6 times a day, only 3, I didnít eat carbohydrates, only vegetables or fruits, and I didnít have energy to practice sports. After this, I contacted my first trainer and he prepared me a good competition diet plan that includes 6 meals a day, protein in each meal, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates in 3 meals a day.

I train 6 days a week, I do 2 muscle groups a day, legs I do separated to the other groups, I donít take a lot of weight, Iím only concentrated in the exercise technique. I do 4-3 series/ 12 or 14 rep with weight increase and I have 6-7 different exercises in every workout.
Mondays: Shoulders and triceps
Tuesday: Glutes and twins
Wednesday: Back and biceps
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulders (second round) and chest
Saturday: Cardio + abs

Normally I train before my 3rd meal, and I combine my meals depends when I go to train. Sunday is my day off.

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For me building the self-confidence was very difficult, because I never had a perfect body, I always had been ugly and fat, and when I got the transformation I was so proud with myself to have gotten my dream, my objective. And for me try to improve myself everyday is the way that I build my self-confidence.

My experience at the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid last year was very exciting, it was my first international contest and I got 2nd place in Bodyfitness over 1,68, I didnít expect something like this ever! And I was so happy with my position at the contest and I got so motivated to the next contests that I did. Also, I met a lot of people in the event at my sponsor Amix stand and it was so funny experience. Fans and athletes gave me their support and motivated me a lot. I got a lot of friends and it was an experience that I never forget. Itís so especial for me because I could meet Kai Greene, my idol!!!! And it was amazing for me, I could talk with him and he supports me and gets me feeling something special.

Actually Iím preparing to Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona, Diamond Cup at Liverpool, if I past the pre-selection I want to go to Worldís Championships in Poland and Iím checking another contest in the next season.

People and fans can contact with me by facebook in my official site:
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