Saqweta Barrino - Physique Competitor

I have always been in the gym. I was often approached and asked if I was a bodybuilder. When I would tell them no, everyone would tell me I should try it. I began to do some research and then I fell in love! I have always possessed self confidence. I started cheering when I was 3 years old. I believe it all stemmed from there.

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During off season Iím usually able to consume more calories. My diet is more lenient where I can have more ďcheat mealsĒ. Once Iím closer to contest time, my calories will drop off a little and I stick to lean meats, green veggies and good fats. Failed diet: Any plan that is low in calories. My body tends to respond to plans that are high in calories. I will continue to drop weight this way versus those who must consume less calories. My plan has rarely ever changed.
I lift daily & normally take one active rest day. I always do cardio daily but closer to prep I may do it twice per day for shorter periods of time. During off season, I still do my cardio but itís just not as much as it is when in contest prep.

My most recent contest, I was very nervous. I was not sure how things would go and it all seemed so new to me all over again. Well, I was not able to complete prejudging because my sugar dropped. It did not end well but I was able to rest. Although I was disqualified for not being able to complete pre-judging, I was able to still complete my night routine. It was an amazing feeling because I was able to show myself and others how determined I am and will not allow anything to stop nor hinder me.

I believe being an athlete has helped me to meet more people and become more sociable. Because this is a life that I love, the benefit of constantly remaining healthy is a bonus!

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I am currently training (personal and online) I hope to soon open up my own facility for people of all ages. I would like for it to be a family oriented gym mixed with hardcore training and filled with motivated and determined individuals!

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