Sandra Yoo - Natural Fitness Model Athlete

When I was a teenager I liked singing and dancing, and dreamed about being on stage as a performer, but I couldnít find the way to make a dream come true.
When I was 20s I found something that could be replaced my teenage dream - weight lifting was fun and I wanted to be bigger, stronger and tougher. 30. This was the age when I started to combine my 2 dreams into one. Bodybuilding was a perfect choice that I could integrate my teenage dream and 20s dream. Presenting the beauty, aesthetics of the physique and a little bit of performance on stage could quench my thirst. Words canít explain how happy I am when I step on stage. I am a lucky girl to have this in my life.

Thank you Darren ?? Ummmm... I got it what to do & what should not to do next time ??

Posted by Sandra Yoo on Monday, August 22, 2016

I have a coach planning my contest diet. Basically what I eat during the pre-contest is lean meats, carbs, little bit of fat and lots of vegetable. I am sensitive to certain foods and my body reacts to same foods differently every year - A used to be ok, but not this time. B didnít work well before, but it seems to be fine now, hence no doubt meal plan is changed according to the reaction. During the pre-contest I give extra attention to foods, measure everything and eat 5-6 times a day very strictly, but we do not count macros, using eyes to track progress instead of numbers. Therefore the key of pre-contest diet for me is finding foods that work best to my body.

After contest itís time to build muscle, size and strength. During the off-season I cut all manufactured supplement including protein powders (except Bcaa) and get plenty of all nutrients from a large range of different foods, which make me have a better sleep, better skin and positive energy all the time. I aim to build solid as a rock, strong, thick and dense muscles, so I eat plenty of carbs to train hard and lift heavy. High-Carb diet is my bodyís best friend, helping my muscle recover faster, maximising my chances of gaining maximum amounts of muscle during the off season, and making me look better, stronger and fitter than ever on the next comp stage.

I have a dance background, so preparing pose is one of my favourite part of the comp prep. Stage walk and pose are where I can show my skills, creativity and confidence, and also the key points that I can be differentiated from others. Until the week before the comp I watch a lot of comp videos, study different poses and practice in front of mirror. Lots of practice makes me much more confident and shine even in unexpected situations - although there are some mistakes I can handle well to make it unnoticeable to the judges and audience. Stage is like my playground. There is no way no to feel nervous.

During the off-season, I do powerbuilding workout (powerlifting+bodybuilding training) mixing in pyramid sets, which is my favourite style of training. I push my limits every day and set a small achievable goal weekly or monthly to gain big ones. Once contest season starts, I start dropping weights gradually and change to high volume training to shape my body and accelerate fat loss, but I try to stay moderate-heavy weights as much as I can until I experience low or depleted energy weeks out to contest. During this time I start cardio and gradually increase the amount of time until 3-4 days before the comp day.

My last competition was only few months ago. I moved interstate early this year and competed in WA, where my parents live. It was my first time stepping on stage without my coach. I had no one to depend on, walk together for the long 16 week journey. I felt lonely and worried, and I wished to have someone next me to cheer up when I felt down or didnít go well. However luckily I came up 1st in over 30 Fitness model category and 2nd in Open. As the rule and judgeís preference were slightly different to where I used to compete, Sydney, unfortunately I got marked down for posing and tanning, but I was given great and positive feedback on my physique. Compliments on my physique paid off my disappointment of losing the chance of 1st placed in Open.

2016 has been a great year for me. I got great comp results and post comp gains. I expect 2017 will be different and bring better year than 2016. One thing big change in 2017 will be applying new training programs. I have used strength and gaining program for the last 3-4 years, but I will focus more on shaping and weak points this time in order to raise degree of completion.

As a natural fitness model competitor, I am so excited to kick off my new PT business. I will keep competing to educate myself and raise Bikini/Fitness model competitors as a coach.

My website is, and I would welcome the opportunity to do some modeling and meet new people in the fitness industry.

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