Samantha Powell - Physique Competitor

I have always been an athletic person. From grade school leading into High School, I played numerous sports. Later in life, and after the birth of my son I had gained a good bit of weight. I didn't like the way that I looked or felt on a daily basis. So, I decided to renew my gym membership and work toward getting my athletic body back. I became friends with an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and he helped me loose over 20lbs on a weight-loss program that he had designed for me. He later invited me to a "competitors" meeting and once I layer eyes on the super fit, gorgeous women in their beautiful suits,I wanted in! I set a goal and went after it. I lost over 40 lbs in 11 months for my debut in the Women's Bodybuliding class and took second place!

Samantha Powell

I try to keep my diet as close and as clean as I can to my preseason diet to stay on track and not have to cut drastically to get back on target. I will enjoy a weekly cheat meal or two. Since I don't get to consume any fruit I make sure I visit my favorite juice bar a few times a week and indulge in as much fresh fruit, nuts, grains and veggies as possible. I make sure you have my occasional glass of craft beer or red wine.

Failed diet: I call it the cookie cutter 6 meal plan. The egg whites and avocado, tilapia, chicken, rice and sweet potato and broccoli diet. It didn't work for me in particular because it lacked healthy fats and had entirely too many carbs for my body.

For my current prep, my coach Brandon Francis has me focusing more on volume training versus just lifting heavy (ego lifting). I do roughly an hour of fasted cardio every morning and finish off every lift with about the same amount of cardio as well. As far as my diet goes. I program food alarms into my phone. I carry my meals with me everywhere I go. Even to run errands. There are times where I've had to eat cold food.

I've always been a go getter. I figured if I truly worked my butt off to obtain the physique that I had envisioned for myself that it would serve my confidence level very well and that there wouldn't be anything to be afraid of. What also helped me was surrounding myself with like-minded people who were extremely supportive in my journey.

Check-in; are surreal for me. I have a sense of accomplishment to where I feel overwhelmed with happiness and many other emotions. For the last 18 weeks of sweat, tears, heightened emotions and long days have come to an end. I look forward to getting backstage and feeling the energy of the other competitors and making new friends!

Pre-judging; I was a nervous wreck. Mainly, because I felt that my diet wasn't where it needed to be therefore I wasn't confined in the package that I was about to present. I worked really hard and I felt that my body didn't represent that hard work.

I plan every single activity around my gym and eating schedule. There isn't much of a social or love life because there simply isn't enough time to devote to either if you want to be at your very best in my opinion.

I am going to take a season off to study nutrition and become a certified NASM PT.


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