Sagit Eizenman - Physique Competitor

Sagit: In 2004 I started training at a gym called "Bet Eyal" in Northern Israel. The trainer, who competed regularly, told me I had potential in bodybuilding and gave me a training program and diet to follow. At that time, one of the fitness trainers recommended me to enroll for a fitness trainer course and replace her because she decided to leave, and I did so.

In August 2005 I entered my first contest, Ms. Fitness, and placed 4th. Of course I wasn't satisfied and promised myself that I will win the next show. One year later I got the first place at 2006 Nabba Ms. Fitness.

I had taken a 7 year hiatus from the stage to give birth twice to three children - two girl twins aged 4 and a boy aged almost 6. I returned to compete six months ago, and In August 2013 won the Ms. Israel title.

My pre-contest diet started eight months out from competition date. I ate every three hours a meal consists of protein (30g), complex carbohydrates (total daily amount was the same as protein) and veggies, and cut out carbs from my last meal before bed. However, if I trained before bed I consumed some carbs to prevent muscles from using stored protein for energy; and rely instead on the carbs to replenish.
In the morning I cooked the oats for a minute and drank the shake. In the evening I ate my "known" salad with veggies, nuts and protein like chicken breast or eggs.

Five months out I started to decrease my carb intake, and three months out I started intense aerobic training like spinning and running. No animal fat, except yolk. The transition from off-season to contest dieting was progressive and not very difficult.

In previous years I was horribly hard on myself and had neither cheat meals nor sugar. It was tough to hold on as it took a toll on the body – I suffered from dizziness and things fell from my hands. This year I added no-sugar cranberries to the salad and sugar substitute to hot drinks, trying not to completely resist these little cravings.
Another example is fish… tuna in water, etc. I really don’t like fish, so this year I focused on chicken breast and egg white.

In order to balance workouts with diet, I lifted lighter for more reps in the gym and worked on muscle endurance. At this stage, the body becomes weak because of the shortage of carbohydrates, and it's not recommended to lift heavy. To keep muscle mass I take amino acids before and during a workout session, drink a lot of water and rest when possible. Sleep at least 8 hours per night, and most important optimism, otherwise it won’t work.

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Sagit Eizenman

Sagit Eizenman

Photographer: David Leon