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When I first came in the gym where I train now, where a lot of athletes train, I saw a lady who was in bikini having posing class. The moment I saw that I realized: this is what I want. One year ago I got myself a coach who's owner of that gym and started personal training and dieting. In the beginning it was very difficult to keep on a diet and sometimes I made mistakes. My coach and I made a plan for my first competition. I got used to the lifestyle and trained hard to reach my goals. We slowly took down the body fat and December was my time to go in prep. March was my first competition, One week later the second, and the first week of April my third.

HAPPY!!???? Finished my first comp season in a way i didnít expect. 2th place fuck yeah!!??After two competitions this was my thirth and last one in a row. I am proud and happy by what my coach and I reached. I learned so much and found myself during this journey. Got surrounded by amazing people who i really love.. Long story short: i feel so happy and blessed. ???? For now, itís time to step up the game.. No NK because my body needs to rest and next time I wanna come bigger and better. ??Going offseason now and built my physique to another level. I AM THIRSTY FOR MOREEEE! Special thanks to my amazing, lovely coach/big sister @sashavdijk for making this possible. So much love for this woman.. proud to walk in your footsteps?? . And ofcourse big thanks to my perfect team friends @melanie_wolfswinkel @astrid_de_does @lizzyvanveen_ , and bonus coaches @maartenfvos @matthijsmuit ?? Love you guys. Happy with this fam, passion, lifestyle . ???? BIKINI lll ?? 4th BIKINI JR Coaches: @sashavdijk @maartenfvos Gym: @foxgymfam Bikini: @royalfitwear_nl

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We've tried a lot with my diet, because my coach needed to get to know my body and what works for me. offseason we already started to lower the fat% by eating clean (lot of protein) no salt, not a lot of fat, and having one cheatmeal/cheatnight a week and training six days. January all my cheats got out and we started to lower the kcal intake. At the end my diet was mostly about fish, veggies and eggs. (and three rice crackers with peanut butter that was my happy moment everyday).

Self-confidence: I always was really insecure about my body and hated to be in a bikini at the beach or something. But by the time that showday came close, I was so happy with what I reached and I found so many joy in posing and doing the routines that I just wanted to show what I've been working for. I did posing classes in bikini in the middle of the gym, so that was the first step to get used to it a little. On stage itself I just was enjoying so much that I didn't even think about being in a small bikini. It just didn't feel weird.

During my prep I trained six days a week. Two lower days, three upper. The further I got in prep the more cardio I had to do. We first started with 20 min post training. That became 30. Then it became fasted and post wo. At a moment it was 2x 45 mins a day besides my strength training. The closer to the competition, the harder training became and my strength became weaker. Last two weeks I did full body workouts and still two times cardio. My energy level was low most of the time so training didn't always feel good, I was always cold, didn't sweat, felt empty put I kept pushing myself.

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The contest days were the best days of my life I can tell. I've made such amazing memories together with my teammates. From being backstage, laying down with the feet in the air till pumping up and stepping on stage it all was so so amazing. While waiting the minutes before I went on stage I was totally in my own world. I focused on nothing but myself and my moment. I didn't look at, or talk with my line-up. Just was thinking about the road I walked to get where I was standing at that moment and feeling really happy and blessed. I looked up in the air and sent some words to my step dad who passed away. On stage I was smiling from ear to ear and enjoyed every second of it. The first two competitions I didn't received a trophy but when I did at my 3th comp, the feeling was unreal. I was so happy. We made so many beautiful memories, too much to tell.

Being an athlete is a fulltime job. This sport is on first priority in my life to be honest. I never skip a training, so I plan everything else around that. Also food wise I am always prepared and take my own food with me on regular days. Besides that, a lot of people don't get this lifestyle, so during this journey my circle got smaller. But that's okay, I only need people around me who support me in what makes me happy. So yes this sport does really affect your whole life and you gotta make it a lifestyle, but to me it's all so worth it! I love this lifestyle I got now.

I am currently bulking for next year, to get a new and better shape. Because I am now a B qualified athlete I can do the Dutch Nationals next year. This is the competition I really want to do but we have to see if I got enough time because of a surgery. Otherwise I am going to do the Juliette Bergman Grandprix. After that I hope to go international.

Coach: Sasha Van Dijk
Gym: Fox gym Rotterdam

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