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I started training to compete in 2011 when a friend encouraged me to join the team she competed with at that time. I trained and competed in Figure, but then life got in the way. I stepped back until 2015 when I started training to compete in 2016. I also changed to Physique, which was a great choice for me.
I wanted to do this, to compete, for me, to help me feel better about myself. I've always been very shy, modest, and insecure about my body, so I thought this would be a great way to overcome those fears. It gives me a goal, a drive, a dream to work towards and allows me to present all of my hard work in the gym. It's a sense of accomplishment and pride. The first time I stepped on stage I was so nervous, but I was definitely hooked.

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Diet: I have an awesome Coach (Brian Hoydic with TCMuscle) who works with my meal plans for off-season and prep. I work best if I don't know calories, carbs, fat, protein, etc. If I know those numbers, it sometimes messes with my mind, so it's best if I leave those to Coach. I eat six meals a day in off-season and during prep. Off-season I usually eat more portion sizes and more variety of foods, and we throw in a couple cheat meals per week. As we start prep the variety changes, portions change some, and cheat meals usually cut to one per week. I tend to lose weight/fat with fish and chicken, but I also need carbs for the energy to kill my workouts. I also think I'm one of the few competitors who LOVES Prep!!!! I'm the one begging coach to start prep. lol

Failed diet: A former coach put me on a No Carb plan for almost a year as we trained for a completion, because I needed to lose weight. Well my body held on to the weight and my energy level was non existent. He also put me on a meal plan of only fish and spinach two weeks out. I dropped weight like crazy, but felt horrible, was starving, and didn't look the best, either.

Training: I need structure, so the meal plans & workouts are great and for me it's a perfect balance. I love it! I usually do weights with minimal cardio. As we get further into prep the cardio can increase based on how my body looks and is responding to the plans.

At my first National competition my very first coach was at Check-ins. It was great to see her and such a calming experience to know that I knew someone that far away from home. I met so many wonderful and amazing girls at the competitions. I was just in awe of their physiques! The hard work and dedication to the sport was evident. There are a few that I keep in touch with and can't wait to see them again this year. Backstage it's one big family with everyone helping each other!

Being an athlete: It makes my life better!! I feel better both mentally and physically. Almost every day at the gym someone stops me to ask questions about training and meal plans. I love helping them and telling them about my experiences, along with what worked and didn't work for me. I also get stopped away from the gym for the same questions. I love it, and I try to help them and encourage them as much as possible. It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment that others are seeing my hard work and dedication, too. It also makes me smile the biggest smile when guys at the gym ask me for advice or help with their workouts.

Transformation Tuesday...Never give up on Your Dreams. Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to see exactly how far we've come & what we've accomplished. ????? #femalebodybuilder #dreams #npcphysique #npc #tcmuscle #womensphysique #love #workinprogress #wpd #teamhoydic #happy #determined #goals #fierce #focused #faith #physique #girlswithmuscle #girlswithveins #smiling #bodybuilder #wonderwoman #conquer #girlswholift #doable #fitness #femalemuscle #weighttraining

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We've just started Prep (YAY!!!!) to compete at the National level again this year. I'm so excited!! My dream & my goal is to earn my Pro Card and compete at the Pro Level. I also would love to be a sponsored competitor/athlete. I love the gym, training, competing...I love it all!!! It's PASSION!!!! I have a Passion for the gym, my gym family, the training, the competing, and everything associated with this process! I'm a different person in the gym, because I'm driven & focused on my dreams and goals. I can't say enough how much I love it!!


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