Renee Theel-Zuyderduyn - Bikini Competitor

Renee: I'm a mother of 2, gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and wanted to look better so I started with some fitness and then bodypump. But because my kids were little I didn't could go to the gym all the time.. so I bought a pumpset and started at home do it in front of the mirror on the computer. When my last kid was 4 and went to school I joined my husband at the gym. And then we were at a friends contest and a year later I also did a competition. But I did it for me not for the win or anything like that. Just for the experience and knowledge of myself. And I've become a very different person much more outgoing and much more confident. Because of the contest I can handle anything now that comes at my path and I'm trying lots of new stuff also I'm learning every day.

Diet: In contest prep lower in calories and cardio. But in offseason higher in calories and some cheats. But always high in my protein. After my contest I didn't focused on calories..I just ate it all. But after a few weeks I really wanted to feel normal again and I went back to a healthy eating pattern. Now I'm going to compete in May 2016 so Friday I'll get my new schedule.
Only did this one competition and everything went good. I've learned so much from it. Like self confidence and being strong. And now I want to do it again. First I hated the podium but now I really love it! And I really want to upgrade my shape and deliver a whole different package.

Training: I do a split schedule that includes my whole body and I try to train my glutes every day. I try to train heavy every day and do also exercises with a lot repetitions to get the definition and condition in my muscles.

When I noticed the changes in my body and became fitter I felt much more confident, and when you lift weights and become stronger you also become more confident and I can recommend it to anyone who's struggling with herself. It is such a wonderful experience and I've met so many beautiful and inspiring people. I'm a whole different person now. So much positivity. Aww I love it.

I was very nervous because in my head I'm still weighting a lot of pounds and I'm still fat in my head and thought I didn't belong there in stage because I'm a mother of two kids. But the moment I went on stage I wasn't nervous at all It was such a wonderful experience, it felt so good, but afterwards I thought never again because of the lack of energy you have during contest prep and my husband and I did it together with two little kids, so that was really heavy but now we do it apart. I'm going to compete in May and my husband in October. So we can help each other during prep.
I'm going to do another contest next year. And I'm going to bring the best version of myself and really improve my shape. I hope I can win a little muscle mass and stay low in my fat percentage and not go to low during my prep. I'm excited about it!! Love every step of it!!


Renee Theel-Zuyderduyn

Renee Theel-Zuyderduyn