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I have always been an athlete my entire life. I was a dancer, diver, and competition cheerleader. I cheered collegiately, but I was also in the gym lifting. When I was done cheerleading, I felt a need for a competitive outlet. My dad had competed in bodybuilding when I was younger and people always told me that I should try it. So when a friend of mine started prepping for her first show, I decided to look into finding a coach. Once I found one, we started training together and I decided to compete early that next summer. All of the sports I was involved in have been performance based so the stage was nothing new to me! It took awhile getting used to the idea of being on stage in a thong though haha.

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During prep I follow a similar diet that I do during offseason, however I follow more of a ďflexibleĒ dieting approach during offseason. During prep I allow for some flexibility, but I stick to mainly whole foods with minimal processed foods. During offseason I love getting creative and trying new things!

My first season I followed a meal plan. This worked well for me because I enjoy structure and had a very hectic schedule so I never had to even think about what I was going to eat. I prepped all my meals on sundays and it made my life a whole lot easier. This season my coach gave me macros because 1) he knows my body now and how I respond to things 2) he trusts me to make smart decisions. The only stipulation is he wants me eating as many whole foods as possible and when Iím 4ish weeks out from a show I cut out all processed foods because things like artificial sweeteners tend to make me bloat.

I do my own workouts and training, but my coach and I discuss what areas I should focus on. I train with him every 2-3 weeks just so he can watch how Iím moving and make corrections as needed. Iíve always done steady state cardio because I have bad knees so HIIT interferes with my training intensity. Although I change up my training quite a bit to keep it interesting, I typically train glutes & hamstrings 3x per week, shoulders & back twice a week, & chest & arms once per week. However, on non leg days I do 1-2 glute pump exercises.

My confidence from Jr Nationals to USAs changed dramatically. Likely because Jrís was my first national show, but I felt so much more confident with my entire presentation at USAs and it made a huge difference in my stage presence.

Competing has enhanced my life because it forces me to be as efficient as possible! Iím a graduate student, I have an internship, and I work two jobs so in order to fit in my workouts, cardio, and meal prep I have to be on top of my game at all times! Itís a lot, but I loooove what I do and itís all worth it!

I will be competing at NPC Nationals in Miami this year and I have full intention of bringing home a pro card! Regardless of the outcome I will be going into a long offseason. Iíve been prepping since January so my body needs a break. My plan is to compete at the end of summer 2019.

Team: Team Myers

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