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I was training for probably about 2-3 years before I started to compete. I wanted to challenge myself to see how far my mind can take me!

Off season to pre contest is pretty much the same, the only difference is I have more carbs for off season and I eat everything in moderation! For me what was most effective was the traditional method of slowly decreasing carbs! I normally eat 6 meals a day and I find that works for me due to be waking up at 7 and then reaching home at probably around 12am sometimes! I tried zero carbs and I think it wasnít effective because my metabolism just shut down completely after a few weeks and it was pretty hard getting my metabolism back up!

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One of my favorite backstage shot by @fitnessbodyasia! Looking back at the photos, it still feels so surreal. Itís been almost a month now. My dreams became a reality. The toughest battle that I have to go through was this. Prep isnít easy, it never will be. But what u gain from it, itís that you can do whatever that you set your mind to. And that your mind is always stronger than all your excuses. ????????

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I do weights 5 times a week, I try to mix up LISS and HIIT everyday! I try to plan my day in advance, eg the time I have for training and then I just schedule my meals accordingly!

My recent contest was the IFBB pro qualifier, World Regionals Championship held in Singapore, during the athlete check in, it was pretty smooth and it ended way earlier than expected which was good! The prejudging and finals were a few hours apart but I feel that itís better that way, it gives me time to test and carb up a little more to look better for finals!

I used to do ballet so I have no problem ďperformingĒ in front of an audience! But I think really sticking to my diet and training and seeing the results gave me a lot of confidence because I knew I gave the prep my best!
I have been an athlete since I was 7! So it was pretty much normal for me. The training, the consistency in everything, the discipline. It has become a norm for me! But ever since dieting for a competition, my social life has been NADA. My friends understand that I have a goal and they are so supportive because sometimes they ask me out and I just want to rest, besides I canít eat with them.

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#throwback to a few days before nationals! Always happy and prancing around in my @angelcompetitionbikinis suit! Nowhere near this condition but itís ok! Now is the time to build! ?????? no abs but itís ok! body in construction for something better ?????? #angelcompetitionbikinis #bikini #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbproleague #ifbbprobikini #improvementseason

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Now that Iíve just recently won my pro card, I definitely have plans to compete at a pro show next year, and hopefully earn enough points to one day qualify for the Olympia!

Email: contact@bmbshxll.netĢ

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