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My name is Regency Johnson, and I have been competing and training for 5 years. I have done 4 shows which total and my most recent which was for the first after having my one year old was the City Limits Championships, then 2 weeks after that the Phil Heath Class where I placed second to get me to nationals.

How did I start Competing?
I have always been an athlete ran track in college... I saw there was a bikini division for body building online and had to train to do it. I met my trainer who is now my husband and now a national qualified Men's Physique competitor who trained me for my first two shows. At first it was just a life goal I wanted to complete but after placing in top 5 and feeling so liberated I got addicted. My first show was in 2014 I live the true fit life, now we are both on our way to USA Championships this July.

Happy #transformationtuesday yíall! I said I would do a transformation so here we have it...Looking back at this picture I canít believe how far Iíve come! I was about 7 weeks out from my first show back since having my one year old a N?vi. I knew I had a lot of work to do, what helped me the most was staying consistent with my training and most importantly my Dieting! Yes! It was hard. Yes I had bumps along the way! When looking in the mirror I would focus on what I going to look like not how I looking at the time. I told myself that I was going to get in shape, I was going to have nice legs, nice glutes, a 6 pack, nice shoulders and arms. I STAYED POSITIVE, Those days where I doubted, I had my hubs @iameagle_physique to thank and to speak life back into me,so surround yourself with positive people. The mind and the tongue are very powerful so remember to always think and speak positive about things even if you donít see it! Itís called having faith, and faith without works is dead my friends. I put all my excuses behind me and got the job done. Iím saying and showing this to say that you too can have what you want if you put all excuses aside, Believe in it and just DO IT! Best believe team Johnsonís not done yet... we think big, dream big, and pray big! The best is yet to come! #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitcouple #goaldigger #blessed #nevergiveup #teamjohnson #teamjohnsonfitness #anointedmuscle #believers #npcbikini #npc #npctexas #goingpro #ifbb #ifbbbikini #ifbbmensphysique #girlwholift #girlswithmuscle #swolemate #bodybuildingmotivation #txbodybuilding #nationallyqualifiedbikinicompetitor

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How does my diet change from off season to Pre Season?
I usually will do a 9-8 week prep. In off season I do more of a flex diet where I keep it pretty clean during the week and have a little more fun on the weekend. I can eat more carbs than normal. I am a bikini competitor that likes to bring a little more hardness and muscle to the stage so I tend to be a little more heavier in weight which is ok with me. I

In season I eat lean meats and health carbs like chicken, ground turkey, and fish with jasmine rice. Snacks I'll have peanut butter and rice cakes. At the end of in season I start to but carbs by switching to the same lean meat, but with more fish, and more asparagus, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Always lots of water! I am not one who counts calories, or measure my food never have been. it just works for me. I will eat 4-5 meals a day. sometimes my 5th meal will be just a protein shake before bed. The most effective diet for me when it comes to leaning out is 5 meals fish and asparagus no seasoning. Usually around the time I cut carbs around show time, but just a basic diet and consistency will do the trick too. My diet when it comes to gaining muscle is eating more carbs rice is my go to b.c its a healthly carb.. but that's where the flex diet comes in during my off season. A good burger and some pizza always helps my muscle grow. Cheat meal can used to your advantage sometimes.

Competition diets that have failed for me is not eating enough carbs in my diet, and thinking that you have to be very thin. I was super tiny my first show and didn't eat enough carbs.. made me look really flat.

How do I build my self confidence to strut myself on stage and show my muscles?
Honestly I pray about it I ask God to guide my every step, to give me confidence, grace and sexy all rolled into one. Also for him to take away my fear and replace it with confidence. Works every time! I also think if Beyonce can do it I can do. I think like I'm Beyonce and I act like I'm the only on that stage! I Also practice, practice my routine until it flows like water. You trained your butt off the show off your physique but if you do not have the correct posing all that will be for nothing in 10 seconds.

During the beginning of in season I train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. On Mondays I train Legs and glutes. I make sure I eat more carbs this day so I can train very hard on this day due to it always take more of me. So in the mornings before I train I will eat egg white and a rice cake. The main thing I thing I focus on is glutes, hamstrings and quads. Heavy weight 3 sets of 12-15.
On Tuesday I train back and shoulders same regiments. Wed is a rest day, Thursday I train biceps and Triceps, Friday glutes only. I do cardio only after I train for 30-40 mins just a good speed walk on about 3.5 middle and end of my in season. I only weight train on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays due to me being more a muscular built it allows me to cost it on into my show. Monday glutes only due to be dominate in my quads and hamstrings. Tues light weight shoulders only, and Friday more glutes. On Wed and Thurs I do cardio only. I also will start doing fasted cardio around this time which is cardio on an empty stomach and cardio after I train so twice a day. 7 days a week where the beginning of my in season is once a day 7 days a week. I also will do hits cardio at the end of my end season when I'm about 4weeks out where I turn the treadmill no lower the 6.5 all the way up to 8.0 for 30 seconds then rest for a min or 2 on 3.5 and repeat until my 40min is up.

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My experience and feelings from my last show, which was the Phil Heath Classic, was very calming for this show it was now my 4 show total but season show back after almost 2 years for getting married and having a baby. I already had gotten my feet wet from doing the City Limits Championships 2weeks prior so I felt good, confident, and ready to take the stage. I never pay attention to my competition. I focus on my routine, making sure I pump up, and I listen to music in my head phones to keep me distracted. I definitely felt more at peace and ready to bring it! Came in second place and was very great-full! During Athletes check it that's usually where everyone is checking each other out, is nervous or extected that in one day the get to have a big cheat meal or sweet treat of there chioce. You also get to get your number, high checked to find out your class if you already haven't already and or register. Pre- judging is always a very long wait for us bikini competitors due to the large number of girl to want to do this division. We go last, but once you get up there it's your time to shine for 10 seconds. You do your individual routine then you will do the comparison against the other girls to see what place you come. There will be a 1st and sometimes 3rd call out depending on how big the show is. You want to be in that 1st call out dead center, b.c 9 times out 10 that usually means you are in 1st. For finals you come back at night time to find out your placing. The top 5 walk on stage first and does their favorite pose lines up on the side to wait for the placing. Everyone else will walk on pose and walk off.

How does being an athlete affect my life?
Being wife and mom of 2 girls oldest being 7 can be a challenge but I find way to make it work, but it has become a part of my lifestyle. I am blessed to also have a husband who competes and loves the fit life as much as me, so that defiant comes easy b.c we understand the mental and the physical together. I use to be a hair stylist as well owning my own business so I would set my clients around my training time. I would even be working at 10pm if I had to. My kids would come with me to the gym or my parents and in laws would watch them b.c the believe in our dreams. Now I am full time fitness, I do more coach others in diet and fitness and train when ever needed.

What do I want for the future?
My husband and I not only want to become IFBB Pros but we also want a build a fitness empire. We are working on online training, and clothing line for fitness right now. We would also love to have sponsors so we can compete as much as possible. We would one day love to have our own gyms, fit meals and supplements. The sky is the limit.


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