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My story of getting into bodybuilding goes back into my late teens/early 20's. I am an eating disorder survivor. I was under 100 pounds, the unhealthiest I've ever been. I could barely stand to look at myself in the mirror my self-esteem and self-worth was so low. Finally, I hit rock bottom and realized that if I continued on my path that I could die. My start was therapy and then I found a bikini body workout online to follow as I had no clue how to put on healthy weight myself. Then, I became hooked on lifting weights and hired my first trainer. This man taught me so much. I also learned so much about myself and how strong mentally and physically I could be. My roommate at the time was a competitor and I watched her on stage in awe of her grace and confidence thinking to myself that I could never do that. She convinced me to try it once and once I stepped on that stage I became someone else, a confident, happy, sexy, poised woman. I have been competing ever since. Bodybuilding literally saved my life, taught me confidence, and put 30 pounds of lean mass on my body the healthy way.

My offseason diet is almost exactly the same as my prep diet, just with higher calories. After each show I slowly add in calories to let my metabolism bounce back without putting on a lot of body fat. I stay about 10-15 pounds above stage weight at all times. I hate crash dieting for a show, it's horrible for a person. I coach/nutrition plan for myself now. Every coach I've had in the past followed the same diet, very low calories and hours of cardio. I follow a very high fat, low carb diet, as that works for best for me. Every time my previous coach's would diet me that way my hormones would be so out of whack that I would be in tears working out because I had no energy and felt so horrible. Diets like that trash your metabolism and often lead to binge eating.

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My training program has become my lifestyle so it has become easy for me to balance at this point. I live the life I preach to other people. I lift weights 6 days a week, changing up intensity/weight/reps so I don't plateau. I do mostly steady state cardio, as it is helpful for my body to burn more fat, but I do mix in HIIT once or twice a week. I like to do cardio fasted in the morning or right after a lift.

The more I compete, the more confident and comfortable on stage I am. At this point, I crave the stage. I have also noticed that the confidence, mental strength, positivity, and drive it takes to get on stage has carried over to every part of my life. I always tell my clients to practice their posing so many times they can do it in their sleep. It is also important to practice in front of different people to become more comfortable with an audience.

This last prep I did was by far my best, I tapered my calories slowly, monitored my metabolism with the metabolic testing we have at my job, Life Time Fitness, along the way, and got optimal results. I placed top two in the open an achieved my goal, the next step, of qualifying for a national show. My bid to nationals is good for a year, so now I will focus on improving and building for nationals next summer. I love going to shows because you always meet so many amazing, like-minded people with amazing stories of why they are there. I've made so many lasting friendships competing. I have so much respect for fellow competitors because we have all worked so hard to get to that point. It's something that not all people can do.

My future plans are to compete at nationals next year, and continue to improve my physique so that some day I can get that pro card I've been working for. It's a marathon, not a sprint. All great things take time. I also love personal training and helping my clients reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Contact: rholloway272@gmail.com
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