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I had wanted to compete for about two years after watching friends get up on stage and doing so well. So I got myself a coach to help out with diet and training and help prepare my body for competition. I set myself a deadline and set a goal and went for it.

My diet from comp prep to off season is much the same it is just the quantity that changes- so in comp prep I'm in a caloric deficit for fat loss and in off season I'm in a caloric surplus to build muscle. The most effective diet for me has been iifym (if it fits your macros) because it allows me to have balance in my lifestyle and allows me to continue eating the foods that I enjoy whilst still hitting my targets whether it be fat loss or muscle gain- there is no secret diet- you need a caloric deficit for fat loss and a surplus for gaining. Its literally that simple- you do not need to cut out certain food groups.

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Diet plans I have tried before are- a clean eating meal plan from a personal trainer, I also did the maxines challenge meal plan (clean eating) which is great for a short amount of time but not sustainable long term. When you restrict yourself for too long you will find yourself craving and this is where bingeing will occur. I have also tried paleo and cut out rice and bread- I got results for the first month or so but then plateued and found myself becoming frustrated at the lack of results- I thought cutting carbs out or decreasing them was the answer.

To help build stage confidence I attended any posing workshop I could, I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to pose properly so I made sure I had it drilled into my system. Practice practice practice. I felt so confident on the day because I knew exactly what to expect!

My training program is five days of weight training- no cardio at the moment because we are aiming to build muscle and strength for competition next year. I always get my 10,000 steps in per day though. Training and diet are simple- I always eat before I train to help with my lifts- I always lift heavier if I have carbs before training, then of course a serving of protein and carbs post to help with muscle recovery.

My comp day was so much fun. I have never felt so happy or excited in my life. After working so hard for 20 weeks in the dieting phase to showing off all of that hard work on stage. I absolutely loved being up there on stage. I went in with no expectations and came out with several placings so it was a very rewarding day.

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Being an athlete can be time consuming especially paired with being a registered nurse. But I will always make time for it because it is my number one passion.

I'm planning on competing again next year in season B, hoping to have a little more muscle so that I can place well in the sports model and fitness divisions.

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