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I started off my fitness journey very slowly, I tip toed into things and actually began lifting after I obtained my black belt in karate. I wanted to stay in shape after I stopped doing karate, so I made my way around the gym but was not too serious yet. I later began powerlifting, and when I started researching diet and nutrition I started to get much leaner. Eventually I altered my training to become more serious, and fully physique based. I lost 35 pounds and completely transformed my body. And that is when I thought hm maybe I could do a show!! I then went on to take second place at my very first show, as my own coach!

I calculate my macros both on season and off season. I weigh everything I eat to the gram, but off season I will have more free meals on occasions and I will reverse diet after a show to help build up my metabolism for the next season! I stick to basics but have no restrictions. Oats, Eggwhites, almond butter, fish, chicken, veggies, quinoa, brown rice, fruit, Greek yogurt, whey protein, avocados, chia seeds, peanut butter, fat free cheese, laughing cow cheese wedges, rice cakes, almond milk! I have only ever tracked macros and are foods that work best for my physique, this has never failed me!

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I solely weight train 7 days a week and I don't implement any machine cardio simply because I don't really enjoy it! This works for my physique and I keep my lifts high intensity with lots of supersets to keep my heart rate up. Such intense workouts allow me and require me to still eat plenty of nutritious food!

The confidence came slowly as I started noticing the changes in my body, and get some days it is still not all there. Just have to believe in yourself, stay proud but never satisfied and keep striving for improvement. I think confidence never stops building!

My most recent contest was my first national show! Jr nationals in Chicago. And I must say I was much more intimidated than I should have been. Everyone was so welcoming and positive at this show. It was a wonderful environment to be in surrounded by athletes who truly understand this lifestyle. Check ins were extremely organized and so was the entire event. I placed 7th, I was the center girl in second call outs and I was so happy!! That is incredible for my first national show and I was not expecting to even get a call out. I could not be more impressed or proud of myself. I cannot wait to keep moving forward! This was an amazing show and I will definitely be attending again whether to watch or compete!

Finally, I plan on competing after summer! I want to either do a show at the end of August or in November, more national shows for sure! I cannot wait to see how far I go with this sport because I really love it and the positivity that comes with it so much.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experiences and my story Jonathan!

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