Rachel Reid - Physique Competitor

Rachel: Well, I initially started competing in Powerlifting. I had a good friend bet me that if he lost 30lbs in a month then I had to do a figure competition...he won! I immediately started training for my first natural bodybuilding competition! After that I became hooked...caught the competitive bug! It took me a long time to build enough muscle to compete at the NPC level but now that I'm here I strive to obtain a better physique and better self everyday!

Off season I am allotted a much larger caloric intake as well as carbohydrates...Previously during prep I have utilized a low to no carb/keto type diet (basically Palumbo Keto). I found that although it is very difficult it seems to react well with my body. I recently started working with a coach so my diet is now all in his hands, not sure what prep will look like but currently I am moderate carbohydrate and very high protein and low fat.
My body seems to not really respond well to carb cycling but seems to respond well to being ultimately low to zero carb. This might change as the human body is constantly evolving. Also when I utilized carb cycling I did not have as much muscle mass as I do now, things work much more efficiently with more muscle.

Rachel Reid

Rachel Reid

Supplements aren't really something I say show results...I didn't even notice the effectiveness of any supplement until my body fat percentage was low enough. I do however feel that Fish Oil is the BEST supplement that one could put in their programming oh and of course Apple cider vinegar! It's a cure all and a natural fat burner!

Weight training programming changes throughout the season, I never do light weight on anything though, I take a very old school outlook on my training. I train 6 days a week, and also do cardio most days during my offseason as well. I don't like to change things until I see that they are no longer working and I always feel that moving the most amount of weight (safely and correctly) will always give the best results. I also focus on lagging body parts when needed to try to obtain the most balanced physique I can.
Training and diet go hand in hand in my book, I cannot get the most out of my training without fueling my body appropriately. It's an easy balance if you actually put forth the effort!

I plan to compete in Women's Physique Division this fall, and battle for my pro card at NPC nationals in Miami in November! I plan to continue to compete as a pro (with any luck) and continue to spread my love of health and fitness!

Contact info:
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/rachel.reynolds.1044186
Email- rreidpt@gmail.com

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