Rachel Bess - Physique Competitor

Rachel: I competed in Powerlifting throughout high school, even placed first at state in Texas my Junior year and second at state my senior year. I have always had a competitive and very athletic type of spirit. I joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 and improved my physique foundation. When I was Honorably Discharged from The Marines I completed my Personal Training Certification and really started becoming interested in competing. At the time I went to Gold’s Gym in Jacksonville, North Carolina and met a lot of people that competed. My first competition was in June of 2014. I placed 2nd at local show and 5th at my first NPC show one week later. I competed in the physique division in both shows. My next/most recent show was the Lenda Murray in July of 2015. I placed first in the Women’s bodybuilding division and second in the Women’s physique division.

Diet off season vs. pre contest: My diet doesn’t change too much. The only difference between offseason for me is I eat more calories. I generally consume 2000 calories during offseason and allow myself cheat meals more than pre-contest. Pre-contest I use macros dieting and eat around 1500 calories.

Dropping sodium and carbs does not work for my body. My muscles look really flat. 4. How did you build the self-confidence required to strut on stage and show off your body? I was a cheerleader throughout my childhood and throughout high school so I am not a very shy person.

I train like a typical bodybuilder; meaning I split the bodyparts up. Normally I do: Monday: Back and Triceps Tuesday: Quads, Glutes, Calves Wednesday: Chest and Biceps Thursday: Shoulders and Abs Friday: Back or whatever I feel needs to be worked twice that week. (most of the time back) Saturday: Hamstings and Glutes Sunday: Off or Cardio (stairs, hike, slow run) I am very big into the IIFYM diet (If It Fits Your Macros).

I had a fantastic time at the Lenda Murray show. It is a well put together contest and I have the upmost respect for Lenda Murray (Go to Lenda's interview). Backstage is one of my favorite parts. Meeting all of the athletes is amazing. I love to hear all of their stories and what brought them into bodybuilding. The stage is my absolute favorite! I absolutely love it.

I plan to do a national show 2016. Most likely Junior USA’s. As for my off season, I am going to work on my back and shoulders. I know these two areas really need to be brought up before I step on a National Stage.

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Rachel Bess

Rachel Bess

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