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Rachael: My first competition was in March 2013, in Baltimore. I had always wanted to do some sort of fitness competition but wasn't sure how to get involved or find a show that I could get ready for. One of my coworkers had recommended a friend that was a trainer and also a competitor. So I met up with him in September of 2012, dialed in my training and diet, and was ready for the stage in March. It was the first time I had ever been on a diet, so it was a change of pace having to do food prep and actually paying attention to what I was eating. But it was absolutely worth it! Since that show, I have competed 6 more times, with the most recent being NPC USAs in Las Vegas.

My diet during off season is 7 meals, but balanced more with a protein and a carb with every meal, as well as a few cheats built in during the week. I don't tend to be as strict with my off-season diet. If I want to try something different, or go out to eat, I do. I don't restrict myself like I would during contest prep.

My contest prep diet is also 7 meals, but it varies on protein and carb sources. I start out prep mostly with chicken and rice, then maybe switch up to sweet potato, and as it gets closer to the show (around 4-6 weeks out) I switch to more fish and a ground beef to keep me looking fuller. Also, during contest prep, I carb cycle, keeping low days around 30g of carbs and high days around 200g of carbs.

Luckily, I have worked with very knowledgable coaches, and have been able to monitor my body's response to the diet changes. So for me, I can't say I've actually had a bad diet that wasn't effective for me. If I'm not making weight changes or can't see results from what I'm eating, I change it up.

During this last contest prep, I used the OTC supplement DPNX for fat loss. It was effective, but I also had to do hours of cardio to get where I wanted to be. I took DPNX every morning with my first meal.

Training: I lift heavy every single day! There is no magic number of how often you should train, you have to listen to your body. I love going to the gym, I love feeling strong, and when I leave there, it looks like I had waged war against myself! I have a seven day split, training delts 3 times a week, legs 3 times a week, and other muscle groups once a week. So a breakdown of that is Monday-bi/tri, Tuesday-delts, hamstrings, calves, Wednesday-back (rows), Thursday-chest, back (pulls), delts, Friday-legs Saturday-delts, triceps, Sunday-legs

Future plans: I have been dieting for a year now to get ready for the 2014 season, so I'm more excited about taking a small break and evaluating my next step. I might consider Nationals in November, if not I'll be ready to take the stage again in 2015! I am on a mission to get my Pro Card.

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Rachael Pecoraro
Email: Rachael.prperformance@gmail.com
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I also have a blog, www.prperformance.blogspot.com.

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Rachael Pecoraro

Rachael Pecoraro