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I am a Fitness professional with a successful online business ( I transform peoples lives and educate people on how to live a fitter, healthier, more active lifestyle and most importantly how to sustain this for their life.
As a Fitness Professional, I have watched and supported so many of my friends as they had competed over the last 6 years in different federations. I had followed their journey and supported them, telling myself... this looks amazing and it will be me next year... then I told myself this again and again every year after until 6 years later; June 2016. Are you prepared to make your dreams a reality; I am and I did! I had kept delaying the idea of competing as I saw the level of hard work, discipline, motivation and drive needed to bring yourself into stage condition... something I kept delaying doing as I enjoy balance in life. That said, I knew that it was something I eventually had to do.

Love this pic ?? after I placed in Diva Fitness at WBFF a big fat burger was in order ha ha! - Fun memories ?? he he - Pic on left; before the big fat burger Pic in middle; the big fat burger meal Pic on right; after I demolished the big fat burger - #satisfying #saturday #fun #laugh #silly #cheatmeal #funny #memories #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitnessgoals #fitstagram #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #fitlife #fitnessaddict #fitchick #gains #muscle #abs #sixpack #girlswholift #trainhard #transformation #achieve #results #preafitness

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In June 2016, I felt ready! Ready to commit to the level of hard work, effort, discipline and drive required to make this dream a reality and head to stage. I chose to compete at MiamiPro and The WBFF where the best of the best compete as I felt they suited my personality best and I love just how spectacular these shows are; glamorous and just amazing besides I love the Diva title provided with WBFF ha ha!

Having never competed before and determined to bring the best version of me to stage I chose to work with the WBFF Coach of the Year. Although becoming a Fitness Diva was my dream, with the support and advice of my coach who is a competition prep expert we focused with the intention to compete in the Bikini category based on my body condition at the start of the journey.

I began my competition preparation in July following everything that had been asked from me 100% with my full commitment and dedication ensuring that I gave my all in every single gym session and was always prepped with all my meals. I LOVED the journey, taking my discipline to levels I never thought possible; minimising 'cheat' meals, reducing alcohol and then eliminating alcohol, training 6 to 13 sessions a week (often twice a day - morning fasted cardio and evening resistance sessions). At the beginning of the journey it was hard but like anything soon because a habit and I loved the journey even when I experienced being tired, hungry and grumpy (aka hangry). With such a big goal, such a big drive, such a motivation it was somewhat 'relatively easy' to keep pushing and maintain full focus required. As the journey continued, more and more time was needed to achieve these goals as I started to do posing classes, posing practice, add in morning fasted cardio sessions, food prep and of course shop for all the glam wear for stage etc soon enough this was consuming my life in every way however to do well at something you need to love it, live it and breathe it and fortunately for me I certainly loved it, lived it and breathed it as it was a big dream for me.

Hard work + dedication + consistency = #results! - Picture on the left taken 30th June (after a peak week) on the day of my photo shoot with @snhfoto, @snhfoto - Picture on the right taken yesterday 7th October... in comp prep training! - 2 weeks out from MiamiPro (23rd Oct) - 5 weeks out from WBFF (12th Nov) - Coach: @tbconditioning Posing coach: @audrey_kaipio Bikinis: @ladivadesign Tan: @flawless7bestofthebest - #dreams #goals #gains #bikini #bikinicompetitor #bikinifitness #trainhard #gymlife #gym #weights #weightlifting #muscle #abs #beauty #glamour the #teamtbc #gymmotivation #fit #fitness #fitnessfood #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessjourney #fitchick # #me #preafitness

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At my stage debut at MiamiPro (October 23rd), I was very nervous, very anxious, very excited and very twitchy... something competitors will understand. Why, because it was my stage debut; I was thinking about the audience, the lights, the DJ, the MC, my posing routine... everything as I had never experienced this before and no matter what practicing and rehearsing you do it will never be like the big day. I achieved first call outs but did not place and the feedback was I was too lean and carried more muscle than a Bikini competitor so following advice from my coach we changed focus for the WBFF show to focus the Diva Fitness category.

So having done MiamiPro it helped me learn so much about stage; the lights, the stage, the cameras, the music, the MC, the audience and even hair, make up, my look and so much more which then helped me change a lot in preparation for WBFF. In less than 3 weeks between shows I had worked hard to improve my posing, changed my posing / T walk routine, work on my stage presence, thought about my image, pushed my body harder ensuring I did all I could to bring myself up to a Fitness Diva.

At WBFF I felt fully prepared having taken away all that I learnt from MiamiPro and I felt much more comfortable. As this was my 2nd stage appearance I did not feel too nervous or anxious but extremely excited and happy about the show day arriving. I decided to compete in both Bikini and Fitness category with focus on Fitness. I chose to do the Bikini category too as I had already invested in a beautiful dress for the evening gown walk only down in the Bikini category and I wanted to enjoy the WBFF stage as much as possible. I also knew I was between the two categories so I wanted to do both to be safe knowing I could only place in one category and I went with the attitude of just having an awesome experience, rocking the stage and having a great day knowing that being between two categories would mean my chances of placing would be somewhat slim.

I loved the WBFF stage, the whole experience right from the opening parade where I stood at the centre of the front row... such a buzzing start to an eye opening event. As I did the two categories I had 4 walks on the stage 2 for each category.

The result: I achieved first call outs in the Bikini round and Placed 9th in the Fitness category.... WOW!!! I am extremely pleased with this; placing in Fitness... just WOW! WBFF was a totally AMAZING experience, just as amazing, glamorous and spectacular as I had imagined and I cannot wait to do it again!

Post cheat meal abs and veins; the science of our bodies; so fascinating! - #cheatmeal #macros #veins #science #abs #sixpack #compprep #leangains #carbs #compprep #bikinifitness #bikinicompetitor #bikini #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #fitstagram #food #foodie #foodporn #wbff #miamipro #teamtbc #preafitness

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Diet and Training

As a Fitness Professional pre contest my diet has changed according to my goals, here is an overview of the last few years:

Jan 2009 - Nov 2009:
Goal: increase muscle tone
Training: resistance training and fitness / speed for 10k races
Diet: high protein and carb cycling with a mix low carb and high carb days
Achievement: a lean, petite physique; completing 10k races in 40minutes

Dec 2010 - May 2011:
Goal: complete 4 full marathons within a year aiming for 3 hours 30 minutes
Training: a structured marathon training plan consisting of speed training, hill training and long distance of course with some resistance training
Diet: high protein and carbs with low fats
Achievement: London Marathon (April 2010 - 3:49), Edinburgh Marathon (May 2010 - 3:49), Amsterdam Marathon (October 2010 - 3:49), London Marathon (April 2011 - 3:38)

June 2011 - June 2016:
Goal: cycled between increasing muscle mass and leaning up for holidays
Training: resistance training and HIIT
Diet: carb cycling which included high and low carb days based around training cycle

June 2016 - November 2016
Goal: compete at MiamiPro (October 2016) then WBFF (November 2016)
Training: high resistance training and LISS and HIIT
Diet: carb cycling which included high, moderate and low carb days

This is the only system I have followed and it worked tremendously well for me; I was certainly in the best condition of my life and very proud of what I had achieved in such as short space of time. This has now driven me to ensure my off season is about increasing muscle following the judges feedback.

I coached with the best of the best in the industry to learn exactly how to pose to draw on my strengths and bring out the best stage presence I could. I also made everything I learnt my own in time for WBFF to ensure I was more natural and comfortable on stage.

Feeling excited!!!!! - Hard work + dedication + consistency = #results! I have given this my all with the help and support of my team who I am so grateful for! - Day 1 of peak week (number 1 - MiamiPro); I'm excited and ready!! I have worked extremely hard and will continue to give my all! - 6 days out from special thanks to @angieweston1 - 23rd October - 4 weeks out from @wbff_official special thanks to @wbffpauldillett @pauldillett @allisondillett - 12th November - My team: Physique coach: @tbconditioning Posing coach: @audrey_kaipio Bikinis: @ladivadesign - #dreams #goals #gains #bikini #results #bikinifitness #trainhard #gymlife #gym #weights #weightlifting #muscle #abs #beauty #glamour #teamtbc #gymmotivation #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessjourney #bikinicompetitor #dedication #miamipro #wbff #preafitness #mondaymotivation

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WBFF is an amazing event; absolutely and extremely well run. The whole process has been a fantastic event, the registration in particular was awesome as it really got you ready and prepped surrounding yourself with likeminded people the night before.

Would I compete again? YES! When will I compete again? Right now, I am at peace and very happy with my outcome placing 9th in Diva Fitness and I will focus on building muscle as the feedback suggested. Has competing opened more doors? YES! I have been approached about several exciting opportunities which I am now exploring.

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