Phauline Svensson - Physique Competitor

I had a boyfriend who was a bodybuilder so he persuaded me to give it a try which I did and it ended with a silver medal.

I eat healthy practically every day and I was born lucky because I have no troubles to stay in a good shape. I don't gain fat that easily. Of course I eat chocolate, unhealthy food and drink wine occasionally - you still have to live even though you work out hard. Most effective diet - go low with the carbs and eat lots of protein.

2011 I did the mistake to listen to too many people. Every one has their own point in what you should and shouldn't do. I haven't learnt to listen to myself and have one close person around me when it is time. 2014 I did the mistake to do too much cardio and I also had problems with too much water in my body the day before I was going to compete but I got it under control and I won.

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I have always had a good self-confidence and I have always believed in what I do. I also think a lot of that comes from my childhood and upbringing with supportive parents and a good home.

I lift heavy and I try to go to the gym 5 times every week. It is not written in stone that I have to do legs on a specific day. I listen to my body and try to stick as close as I can to my training program. I have three dogs so I walk a lot, cycle, run etc which burns lots of calories.

I try to live as normal as I can. If I am hungry I eat what there is to eat, except when I am on a diet. My life requires a very strict plan; work, training, dogs.... There is seldom time for anything else but I like my life style and I wouldn't trade it with some one else. I am happy with my way of living.

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I want to compete later this fall. If everything goes the way I have planned, there is a competition in December I would like to take part in. I do have other plans to including other things than fitness/ women physique.


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