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Peggy: I went to my very 1st show in Knoxville TN in 2007. I knew at that moment I wanted to be on stage to compete in figure. I hired a p.t. and started training to compete. In 2008 I entered my 1st competition as a figure competitor.

My diet off season requires tons more calories and carbs in order to gain muscle mass that I need to prepare for the next competition. My diet is provided by my Coach Trae Kidd. It is a very strict diet which consists of the exact amount of protein, carbs, fats and fillers that are weighed and measured for on and off season. The one diet plan I tried that did not work for me was not changing my carbs the week of competition. My body works better with 1 day carb to days no carbs prior to show.

My supplements I take are the same for off and on season. I take CLA and green tea extract 10 min before cardio and 10 min before weight training. A multi vitamin and vitamin C is taken 1st thing in the morning. Food Enzyme is taken 3x a day after 1st, 3rd and 5th meal.

My weight training program consists of working each body part 2 x a week. 4 days are doubles. I take one day off for rest. I get at least 4 days in with 30 to 40 min cardio training.

My day starts at 5:30 a.m. on cardio days that I get in on my tread mill in my garage- (its humid and I love to sweat) then I shower get ready for work. I own and manage Brikhouse Gym and Beautiful Ladies Fitness Club. I prepare my meals to bring to the gym with me as I dont get home till 730 p.m. each day. I also have twin daughters that I drop off at high school each morning before work. In between managing the gym and fitness club I also personal train. I will schedule my weight lifting work outs during my lunch time or after 5 p.m. when my staff starts work. My weekends are busy with double work outs each day mixed in with being a mom and soccer games. I also have a 23 year old daughter that is getting in shape for her wedding next spring. I believe that life is a journey and that God has given us talents to use to effect other peoples lives. My passion is fitness and setting the example to help others. I believe there is no quick diet to achieve your goals. I believe healthy nutrition is a 'must' to get fit and healthy! I believe exercising should be a part of your every day life as well as your families life.

My future plans are to compete in the Ky Muscle competition this Nov. in Louiville Ky in Physique catagory. I placed 2nd last year in Open and in Masters. I hope to move forward to Nationals Master and receive my Pro card. I hope to inspire and touch my members lives by showing what hard work and dedication can bring.

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Peggy Eberhart

Peggy Eberhart