Patricia Raposo - Bikini Competitor

Iíve always been an active person, playing sports as a kid. Bodybuilding always had special place in my heart. The thought of competing started about one year before I started college. I shortly realized I couldnít keep up with the training and prep while in school (I was studying pre-med). A few years later I decided to hire a trainer because I needed a little motivation to get back into the gym, and thatís where it all started. My trainer had been competing himself and after telling him that was a dream of mine we quickly started prepping for my first show.

At the time, my biggest fear wasnít losing but being on stage!! All eyes on you, eek! Fortunately for me the feeling I felt after stepping off stage overcame that fear.. I felt love for this sport immediately. I still get nervous but Iíve learned to just tune everyone but the judges out and focus on my breathing.

?? ??MORNING CHECK-IN??????ďDear past, thank you for the lessons. Dear future..... IM READYĒ ?? After a few steak and potato meals Iím feeling full and tight ???? @theebostonmass @bretcontreras1 @_michaelchin @kennywallach @liquidsunrayz - -#nevergiveup?? #ifbbdreaming2018 #love #jrnationals2018 #npc #npcbikinicompetitor #npc #thebostonmass #bretcontreras #girlswholift #fitnessjourney

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As far as diet, my caloric intake is extremely high during prep and about half during ďoffĒ season. I try to eat intuitively off season and engulfed when I want. I definitely have more fruits off season which I love.

My last competition, NPC Jr Nationals, I placed 3rd. Iíve been competing for almost a year now and every time Iíve met great women and men backstage. The shows run pretty smooth which makes life much easier backstage.

The hardest part about competing are the sacrifices you make with friends, family and even your work. To really succeed, it must consume most of your time, at least this is what works best for me. Iím an ďall or nothingĒ kind of person. Another thing thatís been hard for me is staying out of my own head. Sometimes I fill my head with so much negative thoughts during prep (am I lean enough, muscular enough etc) that I doubt myself. It can be difficult stepping back from that.

Eeeeek ?? First Callouts ???????????? There were some gorgeous bodies on that stage and Iím so grateful ??. Finals tonight ?????? @wwwbeeyecandycom

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Future plans: GET THAT IFFBB PRO CARD!! Lol but Iím also ready to enjoy summer. I do have one more show Iím prepping for, NPC Universe, then Iíll be taking a break for a few months. My boyfriend and I are moving from Boston to Nashville this summer so Iím excited to be off prep and explore my new home and reverse prep into a ketogenic diet. Iím excited to see how my body will react!


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