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A new IFBB Pro, 2019 NPC Teen Collegiate & Masters Nationals

People often ask me if I compete in the sport of bodybuilding based on my physique and my answer was always "NO" However, in 2017, I decide to compete in my first bikini competition in my state (Texas).. Battle of the Texas in Dallas. The show ended at 11pm. I have a background in playing sport in high school such as running and tennis in college here in the USA at San Jacinto college-South. In preparation for my first bikini show, I hired a coach who knew nothing about bodybuilding prep which was a complete waste of my time.

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Individual presentation

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One day during my cycling class I announced that I need a coach for bodybuilding competition and one lovely lady at the class introduce me to my current coach in July-August, 2017. He knew a lot about bodybuilding; himself competes in Men's physique as an IFBB pro. He showed me different weight training technique, designed a diet plan for me and plan for me to compete in December 2017 at Battle of the Texas in Dallas; he was a dream come true. He was super supportive and he came to surprise me on my first show. He brought me donuts. I placed 3rd, April 2018, I compete in my second show in Louisiana and won overall in Master's class and placed 2nd in open class B.

July 2018, I compete in my first nationals were I was not placed. April 2019, I went back to Louisiana (Bayou Muscle contest) and again won overall in Master's class and 1st in open class B. This time my coach drove me to the show and on our way back home (Houston) we reviewed the diet, training, supplement plan and he made some modification... and I continue to work, following my plan 99% of the time. July 2019, I compete in my second national were I won Bikini over 40 class B and placed 5th in over 35 class C....I had the privilege to get first call out in both class meanwhile, the year before was a different story.. The moral of the story is NEVER give up and hard work definitely pays off. If you are disciplined, determined, dedicated anything is possible. What I called the "Triple D".

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Off-season: my first initial off-season was July 2018 after my first nationals...Once I came back from Pittsburgh and got my feedback from the judges, I went to work. My coach developed a meal plan and advise me to enjoy meals with family and have occasional burger/sushi off-season but continue to lift Heavy. I gain 15 pounds from stage weight but I had muscles not fat. Diet was clean about 80% and 20% others which includes (burgers, sushi and halo ice cream)...I am not a junk food person. Before I started competing, I ate clean and did a lot of cardio and no weight training. I can gain muscle quite easily however losing weight is another story....I have hard time losing weight... Therefore, I focus on maintaining proper protein intake that is consistent with my goals, heavy weight lifting this usually result in muscle growth for me. this doesn't work for everyone because there are physiologic component to muscle growth which includes (genetics, diet, training and recovery). Weight lose for me requires prolonged cardio sessions about 60-90 minutes for about 4-5 times/weekly, carb cycling, hydration etc.

The typical diet of high carbs, low carbs and carbs loading doesn't work for me. If I carb load the next day must of my muscle definition will disappear and I will look to full especial in quads and glutes.

Self-confidence: Well, I told myself if I can build it I should be able to show case the package therefore I got a posing for my first competition in December 2017 at Battle of the Texas in Dallas. I am not 100% confident on stage still a working progress.

Lifting: I lift heavy weights 4 times/weekly such as deadlifts, hip thrust, squat, lunges, hyperextension, sumo squat, Sumo deadlift, single leg deadlift
Cardio: 60-90minutes 3 weeks prior to show day.
HITT: 2times/weekly. Favorite Burpee's, push-ups, jump squat, jump lunges, box jumps and kettlebell swing.
Diet: My diet was based on my workout. on my heavy weight training day I had oatmeals, berries and egg whites, Meal 2: carbs, vegs and protein, meal 3: carbs, vegs and protein. meal 4-6 was vegs and protein.. On my HITT workout days, I only had carbs post workout. I never count calories BUT I measured my meals (1 cup of vegs, 4oz of protein, 1/4 cups of carbs most meals)...I love PB, berries, bell pepper.

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This was today’s Warm up prior to my HIIT training!! No excuse ???????? Slow and control just focus on breathing, mind and muscle connection!!!

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Check-in's: always a great experience, time to get familiar with the environment and communicate with the media and athletes. Networking.
Prejudging: This time was different, I was determined to when therefore on the day of competition, I woke up at 5 AM date 60 minutes on the treadmill (15 incline and 3.5 MPH). Tan, make up, hair, bikini, jewelry, heels, practice posing routine and backstage snacks already. Pre-judging prayed, meditate, had rice cake and peanut butter then pump; Prior to stepping on stage..
I stayed focus knowing is time to show case all my hard work.

Being an athlete: No significant difference however people approach you differently and ask for diet, exercise, supplements, hydration, protein powders advise all the time. How to reviewed muscle, how to lose weight etc.. I don't have all the answer BUT I am will to learn.

As a Texan, I plan to compete within my state of Texas for the first few years than decide if I want to compete in other states.


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