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I have always been athletic and very active in sports. I swam competitively from the age of 6 through high school. When I started college at Massachusetts Maritime Academy I slowly started getting into weight lifting. It didn’t take long for the gym and that healthy lifestyle to become habit for me, I loved it!!

In 2010 I competed in my very first show, the Tampa Bay Classic. I had NO idea what a show actually consisted of or the prep that goes into it. After placing 3rd at that show I was officially hooked, and immediately set a new dream, I wanted to place first! I competed for another year, placing 1st at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup in 2012. This qualified me for nationals so I continued on to USA's in Las Vegas. I was hoping I would end up with my pro card, but I quickly realized that national shows were a whole different level.

After Vegas, when not at work, I began to travel a lot but never lost my passion and love for the gym. I planted roots in Jacksonville Florida, where I met Sarah Long who soon became my coach. With Sarah's help and knowledge I won overall at my first show with her, the Palmetto Classic. This again qualified me for nationals and 2 long years later at NPC Universe I received my IFBB Pro Card! As we prep for my Pro debut I couldn't imagine doing it with any other coach. Sarah is more than a coach, she is a role model, an inspiration and sometimes my therapist. I have been so blessed to have her friendship and support since joining Team Long!

#flashbackfriday to the #oompaloompa tan, #pumpingup backstage to go get that #ifbb pro CARD!!! One of the best feelings ever & I can NOT WAIT to get back on stage! #flexfriday #ifbbfigure #fitlife #lifestyle #teamlong

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Contest Prep

Aside from the quantity of food, my diet does not really change that much from off-season to prep. I stay pretty consistent all year round. Although, I do enjoy my weekly cheat meals during the offseason. It’s really about learning your body and what works for you. Keeping to nutrient dense foods is what works for me. I have recently been intrigued with the IIFYM style of eating. I am a very routine person, so it scares me to experiment, but I may give it a whirl this next offseason.

I have a VERY fast metabolism, so my body needs a good amount of carbs. In my offseason especially, I am getting anywhere from ˝ -1 cup (4-8oz) of carbs per meal to help build muscle and I remain at this amount through a good duration of my prep as well. I always stay around 4-5oz of protein per meal.

The body is always changing though, not every prep/offseason is the same, so I am always sending progress pictures to my coach. If changes are needed, we make them! When dropping weight, I slowly start reducing my carb intake and if that for some reason is not working quick enough we change carbs out for fats a couple days a week. My body responds REALLY quickly once I start any kind of carb cycling.

I have always stuck to the same kind of diet routine for competitions. There is a lot of corrections in the final weeks and I usually end up with a “flat” look the morning of competitions. My coach spoils me with stacks upon stacks of pancakes which does the trick to fill me out. This I never complain about, I actually look forward to it. Having such a knowledgeable coach means adapting, not failing, and always being right where I need to be.

Last set - 245 x 4.... 5th one was like "NUH uhhh GURL"! NEXT time! #flexfriday #followyourdreams #ifbb #offseason #eattogrow

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I typically train legs and shoulders twice a week, with back, and chest/arms once a week. I don’t train biceps too frequently or too heavy, they seem to grow quickly and over dominate my shoulders. I personally enjoy fasted cardio and on non-leg days will throw in some HIIT post workout as well. This routine seems to work best for me. As for Diet, I try and get my workout in around my carb meals! I feel extremely sluggish if I weight train first thing in the morning, prior to any carbs or wait until the end of the day, when my carbs are minimal. If work allows, I definitely enjoy those midday workouts! Plus the gym is EMPTY!

This offseason I have been incorporating a lot more than just training and diet; stretching has been huge for me! I have never been one to stretch a lot, although I preach it and know how important it is. The tightness is my back and shoulders have always shown in my posing which I am trying to fix in the future. I have been doing yoga up to three times a week to help me with this issue and loosen up those muscles!

On Stage

I am still working on the self-confidence, it has definitely improved with every show but I still tend to be more on the shy side. Before getting on stage I clear my head and imagine myself in one of my role models shoes, last year it was Marilyn Monroe. I take a deep breath; shake it out, chest up, and for those few minutes walk out on stage like I own it!

In 2015 I competed in 4 National shows, working offshore on a drill ship and being gone for most of that prep was EXHAUSTING. In 3 of those 4 shows I was in the first call outs, within view of that IFBB pro card! I knew that in 2016 I couldn’t possibly do the same number of shows. I had to put everything into my offseason and choose one show that I would be 100% ready for.

In 2016 I chose the NPC Universe for my one show. It has been almost a year since I had last competed so the nerves, butterflies, and excitement were all there. I knew that this was going to be my only show for the year and I knew that I trained my butt off to make it a good one. When I went to check-in I was extremely nervous, always checking out the competition. Everyone looked amazing and beautiful which immediately made my nerves go crazy. After checking in I ran into Dan Ray, and he made a comment about my shoulders. He told me “This is the best I’ve ever seen you, this is your show”. Hearing that calmed my nerves, allowed me to breath, take a step back and relax. His words really did help me in that show.

After pre-judging I had a pretty good idea that I had finally accomplished the dream that I have worked so hard for. They placed me right in the middle and did not move me once. I was shaking, I thought I was dreaming! After pre-judging and through the finals my nerves were gone, I was on cloud 9! I walked away from that show with a first place trophy and my card. I was now an IFBB Professional!

Check-Ins with coach today and we made some minor changes to the plan?? - Just shy of a month out & I still have A LOT of work to do! But I AM SO EXCITED! - Time to dial IN??! _______________________________________________________#ifbbfigure #europa #europaorlando #femalemuscles #ifbb #ifbbpro #bodybuilding #teamlong

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Future Plans

Pro-DEBUT in May, The Europa Orlando! Then Olympia, DUH! Ha Ha Ha! We will see what happens in Orlando before planning out the rest of my year. I AM SO EXCITED for the IFBB, it’s a whole new ball game for me!

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