Paige Slyman - Figure Competitor

Well, I have always had a drive to be fit and beyond average. I started working out about 2 and a half years ago. When I first started, boy I was clueless! Ha! But I learned new stuff everyday from friends at the gym and everyone around me. The more active I got, the more driven I became, and eventually I desperately wanted to push myself to somewhere I have never been before, so then came competing!

My diet changes pretty drastically from off-season to show-prep. I have done a 12 week plan and actively lowering calorie intake and carbs mostly as the weeks lead up to the show, for more information on that, I am always happy to help others :) For off season, I obviously eat WAY more! As my diet is still pretty clean, I do allow more cheat meals on bigger body part days for growth! I have only done 1 show so far, but I think that I personally would benefit way more from a longer prep period, perhaps around 16 weeks instead!

Diet has always been the easy part for me, but I know that is not true for everyone. You definitely need a stable diet that works for you to see any real progress. When it comes to training, I always warm up before my workouts, which includes stretching, and doing some light cardio to get my body warm! During prep, I'll usually superset most things, but during off season, I really focus on one workout at a time for max muscle progression!

During prep it's inevitable, you're going to gain more confidence every day with the leaner you get! Getting used to being in front of a hundreds of people in barely any clothing... that may take some getting used to! But I had an amazing posing coach that made sure that I was stage ready and by the day of the show, I was 100% ready to conquer the stage!

My whole show experience was absolutely phenomenal! I encourage everyone to do it if they are having thoughts about competing! Virtually everyone that I met was an absolute delight and everyone was so helpful and polite! The staff & all of the competitors! If you're nervous, you have to remember, that everyone else is to. You have all worked extremely hard to be here, and everyones adrenaline is pumping! So just take a few breaths, and show off your hard work!

For the future, I absolutely plan on continuing to compete. I am going to take off about a year and have a really solid bulking season and see where I am in the next year! This has easily become my biggest passion in life.

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