Oksana Grishina Interview

The countdown to the 2008 Arnold Classic has already started, and I had a meeting with IFBB Pro Fitness competitor Oksana Grishina. Oksana won the 2006 Fitness World Championship. I asked her about her impressive fitness routine as well as how she turned into a fitness icon.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
February 2008

* Oksana, how are you?

Oksana Grishina: Thank you I am fine.

* Please tell me a little about growing up in Russia. Were you born in a big city? How did you enter into the fitness world, and did you surprise your family and friends by choosing the strict fitness regime?

Oksana Grishina: I was born in Kaliningrad city, it is the westest town in Russia, not a very big one... All my life I doing sports, so it wasn't a surprise for my family and strict regime is my regular life too.

* Winning the 2006 Fitness World Championship established your name as one of the world's elite fitness athletes. did you ever dream you would go so far? Did it happen fast or was it a long process?

Oksana Grishina: Everyday of my life I was preparing, and when I start doing fitness I feel that is my way. Yes, everything happened fast and each year I was winning as a rule one or two serious competitions, but as I said all time I was on my way (hard training) and it wasn't easy.

* How would you describe the atmosphere in the Olympia?

Oksana Grishina: It was fabulous, it was a great event in my life, it is difficult to explain with words, all girls were so kind...

* You are a great performer on stage. Is it a natural talent of yours and were you always comfortable being in front of a crowd?

Oksana Grishina: Yes all my fitness routines I am doing myself. About how I feel on the stage in front of a crowd, if you noticed all my fitness routines are stories for people, about people, about what can be or was with each one of us... Everything I do, I do for the people, I love my viewers.

* How do you divide the time before the 2008 Fitness International between working on your routine and improving your physique?

Oksana Grishina: I do one workout a day in the gym everyday for one - one and a half hours. Two cardio workouts a day, 20-40 minutes everyday. And fitness routine 3-4 times a week, for one hour.

* What do you eat that keeps you in excellent shape? What do your meals consist of, and what are your favorite supplements?

Oksana Grishina: Nothing unusual... groats, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy. And what is more important to watch at your ration size.

* How is your husband Boris involved in your fitness career?

Oksana Grishina: He is a marital coach of Russia, it is not the same what you can take after you had passed some tests, you must deserved it to work with the athletes. He helps to me a lot with everything, and he is the one with whom I can go to the end...

* You are sponsored by Body Well Nutrition. Body Well CEO Jimmy Mentis explained once "Oksana embodies everything that we believe in. She is a hard working, dedicated, intelligent, world class athlete. She will fit right in as we bring our cutting edge products to the mass market." What does being sponsored mean for you?

Oksana Grishina: The same I can say about our friends from Body Well. They are good people and smart company.

* If you could meet anyone, either past or present, who would it be and why?

Oksana Grishina: I want to meet Arnold Shwarzenegger, it seems to me it will happen soon...

* What are some of your additional interests/hobbies outside of fitness?

Oksana Grishina: I want to try playing in a movie.

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