Noemi Nyeki - Bikini Competitor

Earlier I have anorexia, I weighted around 45-47kg. At that time, I have seen myself fat, then I seen Larissa Reis, and something has changed. I want to look like her. I found myself a trainer, who said I have great genetics, but he didn't let me become too muscular, and after 6 months, I competed on my first Bikini Fitness event.

Nowdays I have a very good team, Trainsane Team. They give me meal plans and supplements. I always try to get the best things, always look for the new things. I donít belive the oldschool meal plans are still the best in 2016. My personal favourite is Cottage Cheese. Filed diet: absolutely the Low-Carb diet. My muscles are completly lost during the diet.

In my personal life I work as a model, so I have self-confidence. As I have seen, my body gets better, and better after each training, I wanted to show myself on the stage!

My team Trainsane Team, give me the training plans also, nowdays I build muscles so I lift a lot. My training and meal plan are totally syncronized, so Iím really balanced.

In 2014 there was an IFBB World Cup. I had a very hard training before, I was after 2 weeks Low-Carb diet. I was really burned out, mentally and physically, but I really wanted to be on the stage. I had great chances, cause I had a great form. But in the end, it was a disappointment because I just got the 2nd place, because in the finals, they put a shorter girl in my category and she won.

I still want to compete and get some great results with Team Trainsane. I also do modeling. I work as a personal trainer, and from this year I train peoples for competitions.

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If you found me interesting for training or model shooting please feel free to write me a letter.

Noemi Nyeki