Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson - IFBB Physique Pro

Nkechi: I have always been an athlete, opting for competitive sports, with Soccer being my main sport. With the demands of my career, I needed a differently kind of sport. Having grown up weightlifting, the sport of Bodybuilding made a lot of sense. In 2005, I entered my first Figure competition, won, and hooked ever since.

I’ve been with the same coach for the past 6+ years, so my nutrition format is similar all year round. He sticks with same amount of meals and water intake. Meal and type of macros change, along with addition of cheat meals. All changes depend on where he feels my physique needs to be during the various phases

Most effective diet: LOL! As bad as this sounds, I let my Guru work that out for me. I for sure don't count calories or macros. My progress and performance dictate the changes required to get the results I need. I can't name a diet, but I can name a Coach (Mike “Beefcake” Davies) that helped me to lose the weight and gain the muscle I need.

I have always been fortunate to work with great coaches throughout my competitive history. At the beginning, first competition, my meal and workout plan was very effective to get my physique ready for a show but the rebound was bad and back then I did not understand the mechanics or had the maturity to transform into non-prep life. I had no fats, did the 36 hour water depletion and lots of cardio. Over the years with coaching changes and increase in training knowledge I managed to balance things out. My body clearly needs a good balance of all nutrients and through yearly discipline, cardio time has reduced significantly and water has become a daily essential above all else.

I mostly use supplements suggested by my Coach from the Advocare lineup and generally following the prescribed directions for dosages and timing. In my current off season, I am experimenting with a new pre-workout called Magnum OPUS. It is stimulant free and it's amazing. I get such a great blood flow going and feel an increased energy which enables me to get a super pump during my workout.

I weight-train 5-6 days a week. Mostly 5. Focused body part on each day, with Arms consisting of tricep and bicep. My coach adds aux training as well which may require me going in for a 2nd workout on a couple of days during the week. I try to always have a complete day off, once a week. My meals are designed around my training, and on some days it can be specific to the body parts I am training.

I will never forget the Amateur league… EVER… But the Pro league truly got me loving the whole competing experience even more. I truly did not think that possible as I enjoyed Amateurs and the camaraderie that it inspires. Additionally, the Physique category increased my love for the process. With the requirement to learn more posing technique and choreograph a routine the desire to hit and excel on the stage increased ten-fold. My most memorable experience was at the 2015 Chicago Pro. I did not place in the Open division, but that did not matter. It was my first cross border comp, my best physique ever, my best routine and I was there on stage with so many of my favourite fitness SHEROS… Standing right between Kira Neuman and Mindi O’Brien actually!!! Thank about a trio of greatness! Following my Chicago experience, I often joke that, I finally got to experience what last callout felt like for the first time in my competition history… however for me, it was a very euphoric feeling!! However, hopefully, never to be repeated!!! LOL!!

I am taking this year to get ready for 2017. I ideally would love to experience the Arnold Pro stage next March, so fingers crossed on making that dream a reality.

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