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I began competing in early 2018. Iíve always been into fitness whether it be yoga or CrossFit. I was curious about lifting. I would get intimidated in the gym when I saw others lifting. I wanted to learn the proper form and techniques. I didnít have anyone to help me so I would just stick to machines or cardio. A friend of mine gave me info on a team of women called Team 907 Muscle Girls. This team is lead by IFBB-Pro Cinzia Massaro Clapp and Shawn Clapp. They train women for competition, proper nutrition, and fitness. I initially wanted to again learn how to lift. After attending a circuit training with some of the team. I was impressed by their down to earth attitudes and they looked like me. Women who are momís, wives, worked full time jobs but made time for nutrition, fitness and competing. The next day I signed up to be a part of the team.

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A little bit of my Bikini Presentation at Midnight Sun. My very 1st time going doing Bikini. ?? ?? @cinziamassaroclapp_ifbbpro Suit: @vicky_ross_fit ?? *I donít own the rights to this music* . . .

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My coaches make sure we stick to the same meal plan on and off. There isnít a different plan. I donít get to eat like crap on my off season. If I fall off of my meals I pick right back up the next day. The only changes I make is during peak week for sodium depletion. When I started out I was 152 pounds. I am now 133. This is all a part of my lifestyle.
A consistent low carb and high protein diet works well for me. Portion control, water, and not missing a meal works best for me.

My self confidence came from tons of posing practice. Posing is key. The more you practice the more comfortable you will be on the stage.

Iím on a 5 day split with Resistance training and at-least 45min of cardio 2x a day. Training and diet goes hand in hand. You canít have one without the other.

My last competition was Midnight Sun in Alaska. During the Athlete Check-in I was pretty relaxed however, when I came to taking my height the staff mixed up inches and feet. And that became a significant emotional event for me. I laugh about it now but it pissed me off in that moment. Pre-Judging I was calm. I was comfortable. And decided I was there to present my best physique. Finals gave me the jitters because I knew I didnít place in some categories and placed in others. There was a moment where I didnít want to go out for Finals because there were 7 women and only 5 could place and I just knew I wasnít in the line up. My mentor was there and she gave me this great pep talk. I was right I didnít I had to start what I finished.

Being an athlete: Itís a part of my lifestyle. I am a mother, a wife, a U.S Army Soldier. I wear many hats and being an athlete is also part of my life.

I plan to improve my physique and present an even better package than before.

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