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Nikki: I had been going to the gym since high school but not really knowing what I was doing. I had tried diet after diet, trying to lose weight and constantly yo-yoing back and forth. My lack of knowledge of nutrition and training was to blame for this. In early 2015 I started dating a body builder (still together!) and introduced me to the world of competing. Being a Bikini competitor had always been a big dream of mine, but something which I thought was TOTALLY out my league. My boyfriend had told me I should go for it and I would do great, but I had zero faith in myself. I was terrified to be on stage in front of people, and terrified to embarrass myself.
But eventually with some (LOTS) of his encouragement, I made the decision to just go for it! My first show was November 2015Ö where I placed 1st in my class. Since then Iíve been hooked! I fall more and more in love with the sport every day, and am thankful for the moment back in 2015 where I just believed in myself for once. I have expanded my knowledge of training, understand my body and proper dieting, and am a National level Bikini competitor.

When Iím in prep I give it 110%. I stick to my diet and am focused. Thatís how the progress is made! My off season is still relatively clean. I stay in the routine of 6-7 meals a day, eating every 3 to 4 hours, and eat healthy foods. The only difference is Iím not AS strict. I will go out with my boyfriend, friends and family, for dinners. I will experiment with baking and cooking. And I will enjoy the occasional treat or two (or ten.) I balance the extra calories and carbs with epic workouts, and focus on building muscles rather than staying super lean.

Failed diet: Personally, I havenít had a bad experience. Iíve only done 3 competitions and been with the same coach from day one. Heís fantastic and the reason Iíve made it to Nationals in under a year. My diet has been balanced and healthy and each week had made progress. My preps have been enjoyable and I hadnít felt deprived throughout them.

I got into this sport because I LOVE training. My boyfriend and I both find it fun. Our ďdate nightsĒ usually end up being a workout together. We try new exercises, help each other reach new PRs, and just love spending time together that way. The gym is our home away from home, and always run into friends too. Therefore, we tend to train every day! And it doesnít really change much from competition prep to off season.

Self-confidence: This honestly was my biggest hurdle to overcome. I would get EXTREAME stage fright. I remember my first posing practice... where I was shaking so bad I could hardly stand. I was TERRIFED to have people look at me, let alone in a bikini. My greatest fear was to trip and fall in front of everyone. And I was NOT graceful in heels. It took me months to learn how to properly walk in them (I am not your typical girly girl).

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Beginning of July 2016 I competed in the BC Provincials where I placed 3rd in my class. With that I qualified for Nationals, and made the big decision to fly to Winnipeg in 2 weeks and get on that National Stage. It was a big risk for me, but something just felt right. I trusted my gut, followed my heart, and took advantage of the opportunity. I didnít want to wait a year to go to Nationals!

The entire experience was so different. Flying to a different province where you donít really know anyone made it that much more exhilarating. My mentality was also totally different. I felt zero pressure and had zero expectations. I was just so THRILLED that I was gonna be on a NATIONAL stage, beside women who I looked up to over the last couple years. I didnít care if I got last place, I was just happy to be there. It was the most fun experience Iíve ever had and when I made Top 5 it was just the cherry on top. Iím counting down the days until I can do it again!

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Future plans: Will for sure be competing again at Nationals next year (2017) but thinking about hitting the stage a bit earlier at the Arnolds Amateur depending on where I am financially at the time.

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Nikki Korek

Nikki Korek